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Test Rides?????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nobby, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Forgive me if its been asked before, but what the heck is going on with bike dealers?

    Do these guys want to sell bikes or not??

    I approached two dealers today to discuss purchase price, V trade-in value, V dealer delivery times.

    All good until I asked about a test ride, neither dealer would allow me to test ride until the sale papers were signed......... how the hell do they have the balls to call it a test ride when you have technicaly bought the bastard.

    One city dealer told me they would have a test ride day early next year, probably in Geelong .. which I can book in for if I am interested. Even if it was the only bike I wanted I wouldn't buy it without a test ride, guess I will find another dealer or find another brand.

    Ooops .. forget my question..

    Is this a common thing now????
  2. Seems that way, a lot of people having the same issue. I know PS doesn't do test rides, but last time I checked, the Triumph store on a'beckett st did...
  3. Yeah, how do they expect you to part with your hard earned money without a test ride? Is the deal that they will refund you if you don't like after the test ride? I don't think think so.

    Fortunately I've never had this problem, put an old man disguise on that might do the trick.
  4. Didn't have a problem, even on L plates (got the day before) and 18..

    It was a used dealer though.
  5. two words ---- "insurance companies"
  6. Earlier this year, fresh off LAMS, PS in the city let me test ride a GSXR1000 after a $500 deposit that was refundable.
    Refunded it too, fricking insurance was too high :p
  7. in Queensland you can test ride till your hearts content, i test road a couple of lams nikes before getting the GS.

    and my mate test road every 600 before he settled on the CBR600R
  8. If a shop told me that I couldn't ride a bike until I had signed that i was going to buy it I would simply tell them it seems like they aren't interested in selling it then and walk away.
  9. Never had this problem.
    I tested a number of bikes at PS with nothing more than the usual test ride form.
  10. Same here. Never had a problem, although at PS Dandenong, they come along on the test ride with you. I think the difference is in how you present to the salesman. If you look like you've got the money in hand, and are ready to buy, and say as much, then not an issue. If you ummm, and ahhh, and say you're still undecided and maybe looking at one in a week to month's time, forget it.

    The first task of the salesman is to weed out the tyre-kicking time-wasters from the serious buyers. If you present like the former (even though you may be serious about buying) then you're in for a rough trot.
  11. I test road a zx9r at A1 in Ringwood after saying I'd never ridden a bike with more than 28hp. :) I got back and was handed the keys to a gsxr750 for something to compair it to :). I took a zx6r from PS city for a 40 min ride over the westgate and back through foootascray. So no, never had an issue getting a test ride. I think if you seam like a genuine buyer you should be fine.
    Actually, Spot on told me I couldn't leave the the city grid. So I did 3 big laps from Flinders to Russel on their zx7r :D
  12. I've test ridden bikes from PS and A1 in Ringwood, and Mick Hone in Box Hill - PS have the usual forms and lead the ride, A1 give you the keys after photocopying your license and you signing a liability slip. Mick Hone took my phone number and license number and gave me the keys. When I was in PS I said that I wouldn't have money for a month, maybe a little more but they were fine. Worked out for them as I've bought one of the demos :)
  13. Perhaps it's the approach that is the cause of the lack of compliance? Although you're not a tyre kicking, you maybe coming across as one...
  14. This, show that you are genuinely interested and that you have done some research on the bike and have got down to a couple of bikes you will be be more likely. Note that if you say that you have got down to two different bikes like a r1 and a wr that won't work. More that you are not sure whether to go the r1 or the zx10

  15. Unfortunately @ 58 I no longer need the disguise .. all the wrinkles are real.

    I need to get a bike with a bit more gruntage and I'm tossing up between the 1300cc Honda cruiser and the 1300cc Tourer, I also asked about the 1200 viffer which sits around the same price as the ST1300ABS.

    PS in the city was where I went and it was there I was told no test till papers signed.

    I am still keen on the Honda and will ride over to Jeffrey's in the Gully and test ride over there.
  16. Can I ask what dealer / bike ?
  17. had this happen to yrs ago me at lane cove kawasaki/honda....

    guy said no. at the time i did look about 16 ( i was 21 )....

    went elsewhere and bought a brand new honda..
    made sure i went back and told the guys boss.....d'oh
  18. PS Elizabeth St City,

    Should have known better
  19. I can't help thinking you just got a bad apple salesperson.
  20. +1
    I haven't had any problems. Must depend on your/their attitude at the time?