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Test Rides

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lui, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. What's the usual condition the dealers make you to agree to before taking a bike for test ride? Do they follow you or ask for some sort of deposit? Is it usually just a quick 10 minutes around the block kind of thing? Or can you take your time to do a proper test which may take up to an hour or more?

  2. It will vary on the bike shop itself. At Peter Stevens in the city (Melbourne), I had to follow a sales guy around a couple of blocks, while at A1 in Ringwood I was handed the keys to the bike and took it out for around an hour on my own.

    They'll take your details and point out that in case of an accident you'll be liable for X amount of $. At PS they ask you to do a breath test.

    Go pass a couple of stores or give them a call to see what they'll allow.
  3. A what? :shock:
    Now I've heard it all.
  4. What? That's discrimination, people with halitosis should still be allowed to test ride?!
  5. :LOL: Good thing I had a packet of mentos.
  6. Huge excesses

    A friend of mine had an accident while test riding at a dealership over the weekend. $2800 excess he is up for. Which seems very excessive.

    I mean, you know that this is the excess when you sign to take the bike for a spin but it still seems over the top. I assume that the reason the excess is so high is so that the dealerships can reduce their insurance premium to cover for test rides.

    What do other people think of these excesses?

    Should you just demand that the excess be reduced? I would rather pay $20 to reduce the excess for a test ride than be up for close to three grand if I slip out on a corner... especially if it is a brand new bike with new tyres.
  7. I was speaking to a dealer mechanic recently in Sydney who claimed they were losing a bike month (crashed) via test rides. :roll:

    How hard is it to take a bike for a an hour and bring it back in one piece?
  8. Re: Huge excesses

    Because they have unregistered bikes, bikes that aren't theirs, etc - everything will be covered by a blanket policy.
    As they can't provide individual details of all riders - driving history, age, sex, etc. The risk is higher on a broad range of bikes all the way up to litre+ sports.
    I'm not surprised it's super expensive.
  9. I'd believe it......

    Despite the many "the bike's only as fast as you twist your wrist" boilerplate BS posts you get on here, throw someone on a bike they are not familiar with, particularly a powerful, often snatchy bike at city traffic speeds, on a time limit.....and get them to try and get a sense for how hard it goes and handles (which many will try and figure out) and anyone is surprised there are accidents?......
  10. In response to the original question:

    A1 on Nepean highway were great. I rocked up for a test ride with at mate, he was the one supposed to be riding it but they let me have a go too. They said take it out for half an hour, I think I went a bit shorter than that. We both had just got our L's, so that was pretty good of them IMHO.

    Brighton Kawasaki wouldn't let me test ride the bike (which is fair enough) but offered to take me as a pillion. The salesman also popped the bike up onto its centre stand and ran it through the gears.
  11. im off to test ride some now... if the rain stays away. (Cuz they wont let you do it in the rain)
  12. Aaaaaaaah !!! The excitement of test riding new bikes..an awesome feeling.
    Hope you've had a chance to get out there today Zealt. Look fwd to hearing the outcome.
  13. Most have said they'll just throw us the keys, "see you i halfa". Off to ride a couple this weekend.
  14. I kinda wish people would be more specific about what bikes were involved in their experiences.. :cry: Whether it was a 250, or a $20,000 bike.
  15. Ok this should help and all were different dealers and only part of the test rides i have done. In the end it comes down to the dealers policy as other posters have stated. If it's a group ride, providing they give you space to have a little fun i have no problem with that. If they sit below the speed limit and don't give you space to even use half throttle, that is quite sht.

    MV Agusta - on my own and rode for 30 minutes. Could have taken much longer but i didn't need it. I had bought an Aprilia from this dealer prior so they already knew me.

    Ducati -The store had group rides every hour i think. It's actually the best group ride i have done. They give you plenty of space to do what you want pretty much.

    Speed Triple - Group ride and it was sht. No opportunity to see what the bike could do.

    In my experience, the sales people have always seemed overly keen to chuck me the keys to a bike. Who am i to disappoint :cool:
  16. test rode my bike and bikebiz parra. signed the usual form agreeing to excess in the thousands, showed my licence and was thrown the keys.

    he nicely directed me to the freeway near by so i could do some serious testing. returned an hour later.

    didn't get a look in a kwaka lane cove ( damn looking young! ) so bought elsewhere brand new, drove back and told the manager about his tool salesman and showed him brand new bike then walked off.

    so usually its sign form, maybe credit card print, licence and you are off!
  17. My best expiriance was last year at Peter Stevens Ringwood, the sales man took me on a 30min trip into the local hills.. than told me how soon they will have to stop as they were loosing bikes on that road and the insurance company is clamping down...

    Just reacently a friend of mine went to Peter Stevens in FTG... with the hills just a short ride away all the riding he got to do was around the block... He was told the insurance company strictly forbid going any where else...

    In reality my insurance will not cover any other rider than me.. so if any one buying my Daytona wants a test ride, they will have to sign all the paper work and pay for it before any testing...

    So prehaps it all comes down to $$$
  18. :rofl: :rofl:
  19. A workmate told me today of his experience last week. He went to the city and looked at Ducatis. He took a 1198S or a 1098S for a ride (forget which one).

    The salesman made him follow him on another bike. Ride route was limited too. So he didn't get to feel what the bike was really like, or what it was really designed to do.

    He also had to sign his life away and was faced with a $4k excess if the bike was damaged. I don't remember if he had to pay that regardless of who caused the damage.
  20. Reminds me of Sydney City Lane Cove - "Here's our designated test ride route. Of course, if you leave it I don't want to know. See you in an hour or so."