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test rides when selling bike privately

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sydneycraig, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. hey all...moving OS for a while so the beloved tw200 has to go.

    how do you guys handle people when they want to take for a test ride?
    ask for a passport?
    sign something to say if they crash it they buy it?
    no test rides?

    its not insured so adds more risk!!

  2. hold cash, photocopy license. break it you buy it.
  3. Brento's suggestion may be great if people will do it. I've just recently purchased a bike and saw one ad where they stated $1,000 deposit for a test ride. To be quite honest, I wouldn't give away $1,000 for a test ride, but I also wouldn't buy a bike without having a test ride.

    I tested a few when looking for my bike, and most people were happy for me to leave them my car keys. One asked me to leave him my DL as well. I said ok, if you pay any fine I get if I'm pulled over on the test ride. He let me have my licence back and only kept the keys.

    Best thing would be if the bike was insured, at least you're liability would be limited then. If you're really worried, get them to sign something to say they will be responsible for any damage while test riding their bike, take a picture of their licence (promise to delete same after they return the bike) and keep their keys.
  4. Is it a TW200E?
  5. Don't forget to take their photo as well, we've all got camera phones these days so grab a shot of their car and license and face too, anything else you think might be useful to the police or insurance company.
  6. Read your insurance policy I know mine states I'm not covered if the bike gets stolen during a test ride.
  7. no insurance beyond ctp which is why i was more concerned...

    was looking for a standard test drive form on line but couldnt see anything...along the lines of they take responsibility for any damage signed and left with their passport...

    if it was insured i could just take cash for the excess maby but its not...

    a phone video of them stating they are responsible for any damage?! not sure thats worth anything?!
  8. or perhaps a bank check for the full amount? they get it back if they dont buy...
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    i would take a photo of the person test driving it, if you got any mates with a bike get them to follow the test rider.
    I dont think ill sell my bike till i get a R-license and can follow the bloke.
    If they try anything ill give em a bit of road rash.

    I loved that game
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    Wow Muli, Mega turn off from a sales point. Can just see the dude super creeper out while you explain that you will be following him and he is on his way. Prospective buyers need space to test the bike themselves and really get to scrutinize the machine without the pressure of you following them. When I test rode the gsxr I bought I took it round the block, stopped half way and had a good look over everything that I didn't get a chance to check whilst busy talking to the seller.

    Holding on to their license is enough.. as you already have a photo of the individual so that you don't have to be creepy and take their pic. But also so that you are not in the situation like our fellow NR R1 rider who's bike was stolen and he was left with a stolen vehicle as insurance.
  11. Car keys aren't a great idea... see the "Stolen bikes" thread for the R1 that had car keys left while they test rode/ stole the bike, pity the car was stolen as well.