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Test rides on learners licence

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by N02Oct, May 24, 2012.

  1. Hey all,
    can anyone tell me am I allowed to test ride bikes while on my L's? had a good look round and cant find the answer.

  2. It's up to who owns the bike and whether it's a bike you are permitted to ride on your L's. You'd need to display your L plates of course.
  3. Private - up to them individually obviously.
    Dealers - depends what there policy is. I just had give them my licence to make sure I was allowed to ride a motorcycle, and then I had to sign a document saying if I damage anything I'll be liable, I didn't take it on the road though, just rode around their building a couple of times because I didn't feel confident on the road (only had those 7hrs of bike experience from the pre-learners course & this was about a month after I did the course so it wasn't fresh in my mind still).
  4. Short answer, yes.

  5. Dealer/person-specific. If through a dealer be prepared for a whopping excess. >$3000 excess for me on the bike I test-rode. Not sure what was scarier; that or the bike!
  6. As mentioned, it depends on the dealer.

    If private, I consider a test ride within the brake-it-you-bought-it rule.

    I had a (two, actually) good dealer take the bike to a car park for my wife to try out.
  7. Private.. depending on how trusting the person is whether you'll have to leave a deposit or the full amount and a copy of your license.. or they may follow you in their car or something.

    If you look like you're going to steal it.. they probably won't let you ride it.
    And the whole if you break it you buy it.. because their insurance won't cover you crashing it.

    Dealer: Depends on how nice they are.. how expensive the bike is.. most dealers take a copy of your license and you sign a bit of paper stating if you damage it/drop it/crash it/get a fine you have to pay for it.
  8. I recently bought a VTR250 privately having never ridden a motorcycle (besides Ls test, and scooters in thailand). Didn't have any mates around that could help me out so I went over to check it out, and the guy rode it to a great big empty car park for me and let me use it there. The break-it-you-buy-it rule wasn't mentioned, but I would have assumed it would apply. Didn't know what to look for so I just did some practice emergency braking, and I felt very silly. When I sell my bike (after LAMS or if I see a CB400 too good to pass up) then I let them test ride it as well
  9. not to criticise you magin, but this is why i am not sure if i would let a learner ride my bike if i was selling. Whats the point?

    Would probably teach them what to look for instead, showing them that the bike i am selling has none of the flaws that they should be looking for, you can do that with someone on the back. Such as i would say listen for any strange noise in any gear, then take them through all gears. They are likely to buy from me anyway as buying a secondhand vehicle privately is mostly about the owner not the bike.

    There are buying guides on the site, most things you can tell about a bike without even riding it. When i buy a bike, the test ride is just to confirm the gears work and there is no grinding, there is no clutch slippage and it tracks straight. You can tell that in a kilometre.
  10. I had my father who is knowledgeable about bikes and rode for many years check out bikes i was interested in, and the ones i test rode i just explained how it felt and he gave me advice etc..

    but if you don't have someone who is and you aren't.. i guess it is hard to know. The problem with you pointing out everything that isn't wrong with the bike or what to look for etc... some people won't take you on face value.

    there are too many people who try to rip people off who don't know what they SHOULD be looking for in whatever it is you're selling.
    taking them for a ride on the back.. is a good idea, but how are they supposed to know if it feels right for them if they're not riding.

    sitting on a bike and riding it are 2 different things..

    as i said in my post the you break it you buy it/leave a deposit/copy of their license, take a photo of them (inconspicuously if you're worried that it might scare them off)...
    get them to sign a contract stating what you want them to do and not to do.. and if you do such and such you'll forfeit the deposit. follow them in your car or if you have 2 bikes follow them on the other one.

    at the end of the day, you could be strict and say either leave the whole amount for the bike, or no test ride people do it.. and in my opinion scares people away.

    if you're super stressed about someone stealing it or wrecking it.. maybe its best to sell it to a dealer, or do as much as you can to cover yourself if such a thing were to happen, when i sold my old bike the chick who bought it didn't even test ride it.. her mate did, and i had the money in my hand so if he wrecked it, tough shit for them.

    If you're trying to sell a really expensive bike i can understand the apprehension of letting someone ride it..

    i personally won't buy a bike if i haven't test ridden it... won't know how it feels for me personally.. just cause it is right for the owner doesn't mean its right for me.
  11. I had never considered that... but it does make sense. Mightn't have been worth the risk, but at least I knew the brakes and gears were good.
  12. When i bought my bike, i didn't have a mate available and I wasn't confident to ride on busy roads yet. I could have taken it for a spin on the side streets, but wouldn't really have known what to look for and would have only gotten to maybe 40km's/hour as I had only ridden a bike at my L's test.

    I checked it out at the shop, it started and idled properly, it was immac and had only 220km's on it. Also, it came with a 3 month dealer warranty, so I wasn't too fussed and bought it on the spot.

    I never would have thought of buying a bike without even riding it, but I did. Haven't had any problems either. So now I'm a proud new owner of an Aprilia RS125, and have put on over 100 km's since last weekend.