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Test Rides & Newbies :l

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kraven, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Hi All,
    I'm going for my learners at HART in tulla this weekend (Hopefully to pass) and i'm currently looking for a bike & gear so i can get on the road soon.
    I'd like to test ride the bike myself but i'm a bit wary of going out on the road for the first time with a bike that isn't mine, does anyone know of a good place to buy a bike where they have a off road test area or a carpark close by.

    Also what do you think of A1 in Ringwood or Recycled Motorcycles in lilydale for getting a CBR250R, anyone had any experience with these guys??.

    - Mike

  2. Best of luck with the license test, Kraven
    Whichever dealer you choose for your test ride, ask to SEE the service department before you buy your bike. Your pride and joy will be spending some time there on a regular basis, and if it's dirty, shambolic and smelly, that's the way they'll be treating you and your bike. Buy from someone who's proud to show off the service department and introduce you to at least his service manager.
  3. Greetings Mike.

    I can vouch for A1. Very helpful. They understand that a happy customer returns to upgrade and accessorise.
  4. Recently bought Mrs Scumbag her replacement m/bike from A1 Ringwood. Helpful people and would let me ride just about anything and even gave more options as well.
    Not a bad bunch of guys and gals.
  5. does A1 have a web address at all??
  6. What did she get?

    :D :D :D
  7. www.a1motorcycles.com.au

    If you go to Ringwood ask for either Adrian or Steve. Both very nice guys who I dealt with when purchasing most of my gear.

    They both used to work at the Brighton store, but are now based only in Ringwood.
    Honda Cbr1100Xx
  8. Sorry, but to me that's the joke of the week.
    The sales guys are as smooth as a greased pigs-tail, the workshop is a laugh (repeated bad memories and the reason I went back to my own servicing/ fixing ....should be grateful, really?)and they'll love to see you back...as long as you BEND OVER.

    OTOH, the spare-parts lady is worth her weight in gold.
    That's Ringwood, mind...
  9. Bandit 250 not a bad little jigger.
  10. my experience with a1 ringwood - they (first and foremost) want you to buy a bike through them but their approach was different to other bike places I found.

    When I was looking for a bike I found that they did not pressure me into a specific model, actually talked about pros and CONS for each bike (and were quite critical) and encouraged me to take test rides (with the obvious point that if you take something for a test ride you are more likely to be interested in it).

    So while they were sales people, I prefer their sales style - encourage but not pressure - than many other places. Can't comment on service as I do my own mostly.
  11. I have to agree with both glitch_oz and boz... which transletes to: Go there and test ride as much as you can... when you find the bike you want go someware else to buy...

    They sold a ZZR600 to a mate of mine with 120,000 and insisted it was never droped and the bike had done 20,000 always serviced by them... pity my mate did't look under the seat... there ware service stickers right up to 120,000km and once I took a look under the fairings :( that bike had a major trauma at some point...
  12. I got my bike from A1, and they seemed alright. Fairly smooth talkers though, so watch you don't get taken for a ride. But they generally seem to know their stuff.

    As for test-riding, there's a place in Frankston/Seaford called Top Gear Motorcycles. While I wouldn't recommend for servicing, they're usually willing to let you take one of their cheap and crappy 250s out the back carpark for a practice burn before letting you out on the road with bike you WANT to test ride. Very helpful staff down there, in terms of sales.
  13. test ride

    Hi Craven
    The only other people I know who have an off-street test area is Sumoto motorcycles in Nth Melbourne, although I've heard mixed stories about their after-sales service, but at least you can have a test ride off-street
    Cheers and Good Luck with the learner course :D
  14. Re: test ride

    Thats once you've written them into your will... given them the deposit for your house, and handed over your license, mobile phone, credit cards & associated pin numbers right?
  15. Re: test ride

    DO NOT BUY A BIKE FROM THESE PEOPLE THOUGH. How does the saying go?? Mutton done up as lamb would be it !! And yes i have heard the same about the test ride, you basically have to buy the bike then they will let you test ride it.
  16. oh and good luck with the learners.
  17. A1 are great when it comes to test rides, but thats as far as it goes.

    I'll PM you a few good reasons to steer clear of them for purchase.
  18. Interesting comments about A1. I bought my bike there, and have been v.happy with it so far. I found them pleasant to deal with, although I've no doubt I could have found a cheaper Across elsewhere. But I hadn't seen a better one.

    They're not v.convenient to me, so I haven't used them for servicing.

    But...I'd be interested in a PM with any reasons why I shouldn't go back to them!
  19. I take back any nice comments I've made about A1.

    Just before my post about them I had just spent over a $100 on accessories from them.

    The anti-fog mask that didn't prevent my visor from fogging up was returned and after much deliberation they reluctantly issued a store credit.

    My pair of gloves that were also purchased and returned the next business day, after I noticed they were missing a zipper, were sent away to be replaced. They came back with the same price tag and hanging hook, however they became a size smaller. The guy behind the counter was less than impressed with the supplier, but did offer to lend me a set of gloves about 3 sizes bigger than what I wanted. (I prefer not to wear gloves that are too big, so I can have some throttle/clutch/front brake control . After asking for my money back, I ended up with another store credit.

    My biggest concern is, I have over a $100 worth of store credits, but don't particularly want to shop there again.

    Good places are hard to find, so good luck with finding a good place,
    Odyssey FL250
  20. Thanks for all of the tips guys,

    I did end up passing the test. (WooHoo) :D And i'm going out this weekend to look for a bike.

    I'm probobally goin to get either a ZX2R or a CBR250RR (R is the grey import right?), and i'm looking at getting it from probally the guys in lilydale.
    I gonna ask a mechanic friend to come with me to help check out the bike so i don't get ripped off.

    I might steer clear of A1 but i wanted to look at bikemart in ringwood for my gear, The two shops aren't owned by the same people are they??