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Test Rides at dealers...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jimi, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Hi All...

    I finally came of restrictions a few days ago! I am going to go for some test rides next weekend, and was wondering the process involved at dealers. I have a few questions:
    - Do they care that I'm just off restrictions and haven't been on anything bigger than a 250?
    - Do you need to pay a deposit or anything?
    - Is there any bike shops that anyone would recommend/avoid?
    - Should I jump straight onto a 1000, or ride a few in between first?
    - Do dealers care if I go and ride a heap of different bikes (power and styles)?
    - Any other advice?

    Any help here would be great as I have never test driven a vehicle from a dealer before.

  2. it depends on where you go, some seem to not like any one test ride no matter how long they have been riding...others will let any one go
  3. Depends on what you want to test ride as well. The bike I wanted was the last one of the model(hence a bit cheaper) but it wasn't a demo so they didn't want to "wet it up" to do a test ride. Had to buy on faith if I wanted it. Adds a bit of risk to the equation so had to weigh that up with all the other factors I considered when buying.
  4. Depends on the dealer i think

    Dad's mate just got a new bike. he visited 2 dealers

    1st dealer.

    took about 1/2 an hour to get a test ride out of them, this was after bookinga test ride beforehand.

    2nd dealer

    Offerd a test ride on the spot without booking, when he got back from the test ride the deaer had the entire range of bikes he ras looking at all lined up ready to go for another one. He was basically begging him to ride em all to make sure he got what he wanted! Guess wich dealer got the sale.... ?

    was a regional dealer though... not sure what City dealers are like.

    2nd dealer only asked for license number and address. and was happy for the guy to ride anything in the shop.
  5. Call the dealers first and pre-book. They're all different; if one wants a deposit and only will let you take the bike on an accompanied ride, try another.

    Make sure you get at least 30 mins on the bike by yourself, and try as many different ones as you can.
  6. I was thinking of headint either to the city and trying dealers there, or to A1 motorcycles in Brighton (when I was looking for a 250 one of the dealers said I could test ride there on the spot, even though the only riding I had done was my Ls).

    Any reports on these dealers?
    Does anyone recommend a particular dealer, or have one to avoid?
  7. For anyone interested:

    Just got back from A1. Spoke to a bloke there who said there is no problem test riding anything, the rule simply is - you broke it you bought it.

    I have lined up a test on several bikes next weekend there.
  8. good luck mate
    and ride as many as possible before buying
    its the only way to know what suits u best....
    though i do like the new daytona 675... :wink: :wink:
    thats if u want to buy new
  9. When I got my very first bike 18 years ago I went a bought a part from A1,took it home,didnt fit,took it back 45 mins later,the owner said bad luck,I wouldnt give A1 1 cent of my cash,18 years later Im still riding and he,s lost 18 years of potential business.
  10. Who was the second dealer Drew and where abouts are they? Might be handy to know in the coming months :-k
  11. in every''''' i am a new rider''''' post, everyone in the know says STAY AWAY FROM SUMOTO :shock:
    so that being said So many times
    i wont go there :grin:
  12. Try them if they have what you want but Clipstone Yamaha at Ringwood were very odd - twice! This has come up in other threads but they only allow test rides on Saturdays and want you to "buy it first". :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I've mentioned this a few times, so I'm sorry to repeat myself, but it's the most bizarre consumer experience of my life...with daylight a distant second.

    It's been suggested to me that this policy may have something to do with their bikes rentals business... :roll:
  13. Definetely ride a few in-between first, I went straight from a 250 to an 1100, no regrets but have gradually decreased to a 750 now as it suits my riding style. Everyone's different and you have to choose for yourself :)

    Remember that if you take the lastest ZXYRG1100 Super Sports or whatever for a test run, if you drop it what's gonna happen? Remember that whenever u test ride something.
  14. With my three test rides - both city dealers - I had to sign to agree to pay $1500 at one and $1000 at other - insurance excess in the event of something nasty happening. So most places are happy for you to test ride - it don't cost them anything.
  15. For $10000-15000 value bikes?
  16. very lucky to be able to test ride many bikes at all. unless you want second hand and a particular bike, good luck. Redwing honda have demo's and they are pretty good i think with test riding. When i bought the 12, no test ride.. Just had to take the salemans word.. :shock:
  17. Gee that's rough, 'especially when outlayin that amount of dosh!
  18. well he didnt have any to test ride and even second hand ones were scarce at the time.. was a big gamble, but i can certainly say i dont regret buying it.. :grin:
  19. Almost the same as when I got the SP1.

    Colin Edwards showed the world how good the bike was :grin:
  20. My mate from work was looking for an MT-01, got booked by Clipstone Yamaha 2~3weeks ago. Came the day of test ride, got a call from the salesguy for a re-sched due to rain, came the agreed day ... guess what? another call from the salesguy - no test ride 'coz the boss has the demo MT-01. No definite day on when the boss will show up with the demo bike. My mate is an "iceman" but got cross on the way Clipstoney dealt with him.

    He ended up going to Yamaha City on that weekend, got the test ride right away, did 20kms of testing. Pick up the same unit Monday morning.

    Case closed. :wink: