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Test ride?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by spawn, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Is it necessary to test-ride a new bike? I've placed an order for a Street Triple R (going to take several months) as I want to secure one so it's available when I get off restrictions in Jan. I'm 99% sure it's the bike I want.

    Problem is I won't be able to test-ride due to my license when the bike arrives before I get off restrictions so if I don't take it then I will have to have them hold it or if that's not an option, give it up and wait for another shipment.

    I've sat on the bike and I'm very happy with the position and comfort. Bike isn't too heavy for handling etc and I've read great reviews about its handling, power etc. What more will I get from a test ride?
  2. I guess in a normal test ride (on a second hand bike) you're mainly looking at two things:

    (1) Are there any detectable faults or problems with the bike?

    (2) How good is the 'fit' between the bike and me and my needs?

    For a new bike the first one is (hopefully) irrelevant, so it would be just the second one. But it's hard to think of too many things you might learn that would lead to a dramatic change of perspective in riding versus sitting on the bike. There would be characteristics of the power delivery and so on, but (a) you can adapt your riding style to those and (b) a short test ride is not going to be as informative as day-to-day use anyway.

    So my perspective is that you're fine without a test ride in your situation.
  3. Thanks for the input. Yes, I was thinking along those lines - my concern was riding position and comfort as this was one of my main criteria in making the choice and I've established that by sitting on the bike.
  4. Comfort on the R will likely be reduced from the comfort levels on the standard striple due to the firmer 'race' suspension. You can probably dial this out if you know how to tune suspension. But you do get 32% more fooli sikness with it so you're definately doing the right thing.
  5. Spawn out of interest wht was the price difference between the ST and the ST-R?
  6. They didn't know yet - they'll update the order once they have the new prices.
  7. I'd also recommend a test ride for your 'fit'.
    Whether you can sit comfortably when riding. Having said that, you'd probably want to ride it for an hour to get a good idea.
    Thats when I found any problems tend to crop up

    BTW Nice Bike! :)
  8. for me the test ride was about the throttle response, how smoothly the power came on and where in the rev range the power was.
    but the street triple has been reviewed enough you probably know all that anyway?
  9. Would perhaps asking for a test ride while being a pillion help in anyway? That way you can determine the power / feel, just not the controls under hand
  10. Hmm, that's a great idea. Anyone with a striple want to give me a lift sometime? :)