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Test Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TAX123, May 22, 2009.

  1. Went for a test ride the other day at a local bike dealer, he photo copied my drivers licence medicare and credit card, what do they do with this information after the ride, I hope they dont use it for identity fraud.

    licence to see if im fully licenced ok
    credit card to extract money off me if i damage the bike fair enough

    why the medicare card, to book me into the hospital if i stack the bike?

    i dont think I will go to any dodgy dealers if they want all my ID for a ride up and down the road, dont feel good about it, may buy private next time
  2. Never had all that, drivers license at the most.

    I would have asked them to give me my credit card details so i can tear them up after seeing the bike was ok.
  3. They ask for 2 forms of ID to ensure you are who you say you are. Drivers licences are probably the most faked and chances the crim may only have the fake DL and nothing else to produce. Hence, less chance of fraud.

    I've had a couple of dealers tell me they have lost bikes. A fake DL was all it took, they never checked for a 2nd form of ID.

    Don't get overly sensistive about this stuff. Generally the sales person will hand over the copy of the credit card or whatever other ID for you to personally rip up and dispose of. If not, ask for it.

    I don't think private sale will be any better. Chances are you won't get a ride at all unless you hand over the purchase price in cash.
  4. I know a guy who sold (or should I say tried to sell) private. The prospective buyer showed a DL and also left his car behind as security for a test ride.

    The DL was fake and the car was reported as stolen. The bike was never returned.
  5. A medicare card is a common form of ID.. I've been asked for that before numerous times along with my Credit Card/ID.

    Why would a Dealer want to steal your identity?
  6. Global Financial Crisis - Times are tough :LOL:
  7. I thought they'd just ask for drivers licence.. Credit card and Medicare?? I think they just want more proof withur name. like when u need to supply 100 points of ID, drivers licence is 40, medicare is 40... dont know the rest.
  8. As most have said in the current economic crisis they are just wanting to triple check that you are who you say you are. Ive only ever been asked for drivers licence I would think private sale test rides you would need some sort of security before getting a ride. They also ask for Drivers Licence incase of any speeding tickets incurred during the ride, if it worries you just ask for the copy back afterwards ;)
  9. i work in a phone store and we need a 100 points of ID to sign up to a contract and those 3 are the easiest to make that up. I Believe medicare is only 30 points. I guess they just wanted to make sure you are who you say you are. If your not sure what they do with the ID then ask them, they should also be able to give you the copy back, afterall they have no use for it especially if they photocopied a credit card
  10. Rather than start my own thread I will piggyback on this one :)

    When you first start test riding (for me it will be when I'm on fulls as I look for an upgrade) how do you minimise the whole big step in power thing? For example Parramatta dealers all go out onto pretty horrible (condition wise) roads, any tips other than take it easy?
  11. just go to a dealer in the country side so you get a nice road to test ride on, as far as the power, that is in control of your right hand, the weight of the bike may be more of an issue

    as far as asking for the photocopy back, I didnt ask, and nothing was handed back, what will they do if i come back after a week, they probobly will say they distroyed it but who knows
  12. Im also gonna hi-jack this thread quickly sorry..

    Anyone know of any good dealerships that wont mind me test riding a bike or two.. I am genuine interested in buying something new..

    In wollongong, the dealers are tight, Yamaha dealer in town have the new R1 i want to try but they wont let people test ride it..

    So i think in a week or two ill head upto sydney.. The one at Rockdale are alright but as said above ^^^ you want somewhere nice to ride the bloody thing and not in traffic..

    Im confused :roll:
  13. Blacktown teammoto on sunnyholt rd have got r1 demos to test ride, they wouldnt mind at all, i know its probably a bit far for u but if u have no luck elsewhere, go there
  14. Whenever I've taken bikes for a test ride, there has been an insurance policy to cover the bike in case of an accident. The excess was in the order of $1000. Usually, they have accepted my D.L.
    Perhaps, the dealer didn't know and/or trust you and felt a Medicare card would be extra proof of who you said you were and reduce their percieved risks.
  15. Speaking of test rides, what have most people experienced at dealerships? Have they let you take the bike out for a whle on your own, or do they send someone with you on another bike?

  16. Kool, will consider it.
    I dont mind travelling if i know im gonna be taken care of and the service is great.. Thats the difference between dealers, the one's who take u seriously and dont think u have a cent to spend and dont bother assisting you.(Wollongong) haha.
  17. I found that once they get to know me through buying bikes and having them serviced, I am often offered test rides, many of which have been solo.
    Sometimes, there have been special events sponsored by the importers where there are test fleets to choose a bike from. very :cool: These have mostly been conducted out in the country side, a long way from revenue raisers. :LOL:
  18. tax123 - After a week it would have been put into the bin. I wouldn't worry about it.

    mewnz - It's hard to test ride a big bike coming from a small one. I got to 10,000rpm on a new ZX10R and chickened out, that was my Max Balls Effort (MBE) lol. Just ride comfortably and let that be the judge. IMO treat your first big bike purchase like your first 250cc purchase. You will probably get rid of it after 12 months when you adjust to the power and know what you are looking for in a bike.

    tim650 - Ask for Andrew at BikeBiz in Parra. I know many hate that store, i'm not a fan of the store either but it's specifically Andrew who will take care of you. Teammoto in Blacktown are a thumbs up aswell.

    V-meister - It depends on store policy. Some will come with you, others will let you out on your own. When they come with it's not always bad. The Ducati guys had no problems hauling a$$, other stores have had me near falling asleep as you literally do not exceed the speed limit.....not that i i ever would.......*cough*.
  19. A friend and I took two bikes for a blast together at the Triumph dealer in Sydney procycles. Three of my friends subsequently bought bikes there. All I gave was driver's license I think and they were pretty friendly and easy going.
  20. Sydney city motorcycles at campbelltown (hoda/suzuki) will let you test ride solo - reasonably close for the wollongong guy.

    They do ask for dl / credit card / medicare copies though.

    I'm getting more paranoid nowdays after a mate was ripped off last week - had his credit card cloned by a service station attendant. Sounds like this scumbag took the job for a week and manufactured a stack of cloned cards then quit.