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Test Ride - XVS650 custom / VT750C2 / Boulevard C50

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by spongesam, May 8, 2007.

  1. The 3 listed bikes are those that have caught my eye more than any of the others.
    I'm particularly fond of the black paint job on the new xvs650's.

    I really like the shape of the VT750 and the black colour scheme again appeals to me.

    The bouly for overall performance and reviews and classic looks appeals to me.

    Now, I think, a test ride would help me make the choice a little better.
    I know there's a few C50/M50's around here, but would like to find out about the others too.

    Been off restrictions for over a week now and I'm itching to get into a new bikes skin.
    Opinions on these would also be appreciated.
  2. I have seen these 3 and in looks alone i would go the VT750, it’s not the overdressed tart as the others who go overkill on way huge flared plastic guards and the like.
    The VT750 has a stripped down & cleaner look that I prefer in comparison, a slim gunfighter seat on it and a set of pipes is all it needs to look and sound very slick imo.
    And offcourse any colour is good so long as it’s black.
  3. i guess my main concern is the price on the VT750... being honda as they are, i'd be looking at a higher price :(
  4. Don't know if it helps, but Peter Stevens still has some 06 M50's, and they are going for 9490 + onroads.

    reckon they could afford to make it a bit keener too!.

    A whole lotta bike for under 10k!

    I have done 9000km on my M50, and whilst I want to move to a 109, the minister for adult recreation wants me to wait a while.

    Note that it is not a dress cruiser like the others though, but being black, is faster!
  5. I looked at them all ,and the M50-C50 wins in reviews it's got a shaft and EFI and cheaper .
    And the look of the M50 won me over ,I have been next to alot of cruisers VT and the yammi ect ,and everyone loves the M50 look ,gets alot of good coments, BUT most of all ,it felt right when I sat on it.

    Good luck with looking ,it's half the fun. :)
  6. I'm a pretty big fan of my gf's XVS650 Custom. Nice looking bike. Goes pretty well. Seems to have enough power to keep my brother amused while he's babysitting it for us. Also pretty cheap right off the bat - we got a brand spanking new one off the showroom floor for 10K onroad in March last year.
  7. new VT's have EFI and shaft though.
    The more I look at the VT750C2 (one with small front guard) the more i want it! :( but it's gonna be around $11K+ORC's.
    XVS is cheap, Boulevard is about $10Kish+onroads maybe?

    I'll duck into couple of honda dealers tomorrow and the yammy/suzi dealers too.

    Might be able to get myself a deal.
  8. Sister has the Yam 650 custom - rides fine - adequate power and everything else.

    One major thing I needed from a bike was the ability to see the speedo.
    Speedos on the tank don't cut it for me without my glasses!.

    The M50 was the only bike in my price range that also offered that bonus.

    Have you thought about buying near new or runout?
    If a new VT750 honda is coming, there may be big bonuses on the old model!
  9. Yet i'm still no closer to a test ride.
    Dealers lookout tomorrow!
  10. Well, i got offered 2800 trade in on my bike. xvs650 custom for 9.8k. so total price 7k. it's quite tempting. wat are your thoughts on price?
  11. that's not too bad .. is that onroad or 9.8 + orc? if not inclusive, you should have it onroad for about the same as my gf had which is pretty good :) if it is inclusive, take it and run *laugh*
  12. yeah 9.8 onroad, 2.8 trade in, 7K final price. it's a really really really really nice looking bike too!
  13. that's a pretty decent price then :) (assuming you're talking new or very, very close to it)
  14. well it's on the showroom floor, and it's new
  15. They're all good bikes, have you test rode the other models and seen what their dealers can offer you?

    Coming into winter, dealers will be keen to move 06 stock.
  16. just about to test ride the 650... and hopefully the 1100 vstar custom as well... same look, obviously just bigger... with the trade in price it's falling into my pricerange :) but we'll see how i go :)
  17. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    well, i bought one, but it wasn't any of those i mentioned...

    i bought the vstar 1100... took it for a ride and decided i had to have one! absolute DREAM to ride :)

    vstar1100, $11K ride away after a $2900 trade in, now that's a sweet deal!
  18. Did you look at the Kawasaki VN900? How do they compare to the ones you looked at?

    Congrats on the purchase!
  19. i had a look at the VN900, i liked it, but in the flesh, it didn't appeal to me that much. But the blue colourscheme is still really really nice on it!