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Test Ride (where to go)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TAZMAN, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I am taking a Honda 600rr for a test ride on saturday and I was wondering if anyone knew of some good roads close to Berwick that I could test it on and also if anyone is interested in a ride on saturday. I dont really want to do the spurs as its not my bike and every tom, dick and harry are up there on the weekends. Need something tightish though as I am doing a comparison between it and the 1000rr to see if I can handle the drop in power as I really like the new Moviestar 600rr

    Anyway I hopeyou guys can help me out and I hope a couple of ya's are upfor a spin I will be grabing the bike at about 10 am at new world and I have got her for a couple of hours (as long as I am back by 4ish) so it should be a bit of fun compared to the hornet
  2. How about the road from Pakenham to Cockatoo and Gembrook loop. I test rode a 999 through there, it was great. :grin:
  3. Good call mate I had forgotten about that one. Thanks for the tip :wink:
  4. loop through the spurs, run up to bright and a quick stability test down the hume.

    Tell em you'll be back before lunch!
  5. theres also the beaconsfield emerald road, which can loop back to pakenham.
    i use becie emerald road to test cars, corners, hills and a flat stretch
  6. Stick with G's suggestion Mick, that's a nice little run whenever you've got a spare hour or two.

    Pakenham - Gembrook - Cockatoo - Paternoster Rd to Emerald/Beaconsfield Rd.... or go into Emerald via that nice little stretch between Cockatoo and Emerald and come back via Wellington Rd and down Harkaway Rd,

    BTW.. Sometimes there is a nice man with a camera taking your photo near the Avonsliegh General Store...