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Test ride or pre-purchase inspection?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rainbow7, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. If you were looking to buy a second hand bike, would you demand a test ride or would you be satisfied with a pre-purchase inspection?

    I personally don't think that a pre-purchase inspection is worth much, since I'm pretty sure that it doesn't in any way at all guarantee you that there are no mechanical issues with the vehicle, nor will the company performing the inspection pay for any repairs that may be necessary if they have failed to identify a fault that existed at the time of inspection.
    I don't say that one should never get a pre-purchase inspection done, as I can see some value for those with little or no mechanical knowledge, but I still don't believe that a mere inspection is sufficient for one to hand over many thousands of dollars.
    There is no way on Earth that I would buy a bike I had never ridden.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Yeah I would definitely want to ride it... Especially as I am not too experienced with bike mechanics.
  3. Rule number one if you can't test ride it, don't buy it!
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  4. A pre-purchase inspection includes a test ride. You would have known the same if you've ever used the service before or bothered to research what it involves. Secondly, you can't demand anything, unless you want a backhander.


    What do we check as part of a Motorcycle Inspection? We'll provide you with a written report detailing the overall appearance and condition of the motorcycle. The inspection report will highlight any areas of concern, any signs of faults or problems. If you're worried that the motorcycle has a particular problem, we'll point this out for you.

    Our Inspection Report will provide a comprehensive analysis of the following areas: * Body, fairing and panels
    * Tyres, wheels and brakes
    * Engine and drive train
    * Electrical components
    * Road test

    What areas do we cover? Most areas within the metropolitan cities of Australia are covered. We can generally inspect the motorcycle within two days of your booking, subject to the availability of the motorcycle and our Inspectors, you may need to take the bike to the inspector.

    How will you receive your Inspection Report? After the inspection has been completed, your Inspection Report can be emailed or posted directly to you. The Motorcycle Inspector will be available via telephone to talk through the details provided within the Inspection Report, clarifying any particular points directly with you.

    There are plenty of dodgy bikes out there, don't get caught up in the hype, let us check it out for you first.

    What motorcycles do we inspect? We have specialist Motorcycle Inspectors with extensive industry experience, who understand all major makes and models including scooters, sports bikes, touring bikes, cruisers and dirt / trail bikes.

    Is there anything that isn't covered? Inspections do not cover internal and wear components. Motorcycles that are not suitable for road use, such as trail, dirt, enduro and 'track' bikes may not be road tested. The Motorcycle Inspector will advise if we are unable to complete any part of the inspection.

  5. For me yes I would want to test ride and I do .i need to know how the bike feels on the road riding position ect don't really concern myself with pre purchase enspections but if I was younger and less experienced maybe .
  6. Yes, I'd want to test ride a bike.
    The inspection side is what ever you think is suitable for you.

    On the other side.... If I were selling a bike.
    I'd ask to hold the cash, before I let someone ride off (test-ride) on my pride and joy. (So take the full amount or a large deposit)

    Heard about a bloke who gave his keys to the seller, with the car he drove up in parked out the front (fairly common approach), as a security for the test ride.
    Turned out to be a stolen car, and a hand full of old keys.
    Bye bye bike.
  7. Ok, so what if you are not legally allowed to ride the bike? ie on RE license and looking to buy a bike that you need your opens for?
  8. i never let any one test ride a bike im selling ,im more than happy to throw them on the back and take them for a ride ,, ,i have never had a buyer say no to this , when i have the cash in my hand they can do what ever they want with it ,untill then its still my bike and my rules
  9. When I bought the VFR it was unregistered, and hadn't been ridden for a year. It was all the more important in that case that I ride it, which I did, albeit very carefully around some back streets......
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  10. Of the five bikes I've bought, I only took one for a test ride*. A good inspection can tell you the condition of the suspension and brakes, and a quick run can give a good indication of the condition of the motor.

    I'd be happy to rely on a pre-purchase inspection from a reputable business - I'd expect a professional to be more thorough than myself. Never have, though.

    Disclaimer: I buy cheap crap and expect to fix a few things. I would be more keen on a test ride if I was forking out a large amount and couldn't afford to change in the short term if the bike didn't work out.

    *Technically, it was a test ride in the sense that I was testing whether the bike pulled out of the paddock would run.
  11. no ride.....no buy.
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  12. I wasn't talking about someone other than myself test riding it. Hell, that would be the equivalent of watching the seller ride it up and down the street and then taking his word for it that everything is fine.

    BTW, if I'm spending $1000's on a vehicle, I'll damned well demand whatever I like. I'd like to see you try and give me a backhander, idiot. That was a really stupid and pointless thing for you to say.
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  13. I wouldn't buy a second hand bike without riding it first. If you know very little about bikes then an inspection by an independent mechanic would be worth it.
  14. Sorry, but yes I can demand a test ride or an inspection (at my cost). If the seller refuses, I'll just walk away.
  15. That's the key point.

    Both seller and potential buyer must be in agreement otherwise the sale will not take place.

  16. Ah, I get you. I can demand as much as I want, but if the seller doesn't want to let me, then I can't.
  17. Thats it Mick. Sorry, on reflection, my previous post came out wrong.

  18. Number two rule you drop it it's sold .......no negotiations
  19. Oops, your bike just got dropped. Now how do you enforce rule number 2?

  20. When I was looking to purchase a bike after a very long hiatus, I fell for the look of the Firestorm, so much so that I paid a deposit on a bike without ever having even seen the bike, or any other Firestorm for that matter.

    I would say at this point that this is an exception to clear and sound logic that would dictate to test ride/drive a vehicle prior to purchasing. In my case I did a lot of reading, joined a a few Storm forums, quizzed people who had extensive riding experience before I made the plunge. Also the bike was about 700kms south of me so there wasnt a viable way to see and test ride it first.

    The first Firestorm that I saw, which was after I paid the deposit, was on the Gold Coast at a dealership and I loved it. I knew it was the bike I wanted for so many reasons. So when I finally got down to NSW to pickup the bike the moment was pretty special.

    Id ask the same question...how do you enforce a person to purchase on a private sale if they do drop it? This is a civil matter and I find it hard to imagine (ready to stand corrected) that any judge would enforce this.

    On a slightly side note, I was advised by my insurance company that my car is not covered under my insurance policy if it is being test ridden for the purpose of sale. Not sure if that extends to bikes as well.