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Test ride/inspection for a newbiee :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sebapl10, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Hey, i just became a full member of netrider(hasnt been approved yet) and have been hanging around the forum everyday for the past 5 weeks. After doing a shyt load of reading and research i am still not confident enough of me going out, testing and inspecting a bike to purchase.

    I have finnally come across a bike that i would like to inspect/test ride but its over the other side of the city (narre warren). I know its moto GP weekend and everyone is heading off, but i was looking if someone was willing to go and have a look at the bike for me as well as give me some feedback.

    There is $50 incentive for anyone willing to help me out. Bike is a ninja 250r 2009 and the guy sounds reasonable.

    Please PM me if you are interested.
    P.S tonight or tommorrow would be best, otherwise i will most likely go myself on Sunday morning. Thanks
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  3. Ideally I need some ASAP.
  4. Don't pressure yourself into buying "the one" there are other bikes out there. the market is slow at the moment plenty of bikes take a long time to sell.
  5. I think this bike that I'm looking at, is the one, just want someone with knowledge to check it out first, then ill go myself, I've been to a few inspections and made a few rejections.
  6. Anyone interested?
  7. I live in Cranbourne (right next to Narre Warren), possibly could come along tomororrow morning and have a look with you. I wouldnt take the money, but at the same time I'm no professional when it comes to looking at bikes, But I'm more then happy to come have a look and see if I can spot anything.
    Btw I own a 2009 ninja 250 :p
    Shoot me a text on 0430 354 983 or wait out for someone with more knowledge on bikes :)
  8. I would offer to help but im on the other side of the country. In saying that, the ninja 250 is a design thats been around for a while, theyre fairly simple bikes so if its been well treated it should be fine.

    If you look in the new riders section theres some info there on what to look for, bit essentially make sure it hasnt been dropped/crashed (if it has it may still be ok but in that case definitely get someone who knows their stuff to look over it first), make sure the engine is cold when you look at it, and that the oil level is right. Check out the chain/rear sprocket, as I find that the condition of the chain is a good indicator of how well the bike has been looked after overall.

    Aftermarket exhausts/bar ends/mirrors/fairings can be used to hide evidence of a drop, proceed with caution.

    Dont rush into it, the are roughly 300 billion ninja 250s for sale in Australia, most of them are in good nick so theres no pressure to get this one straight away. If youre still not confident, a dealer may offer a better guarantee/warranty on the bikes condition, but will be slightly more expensive.

    Also remember with your first bike:
    1- you won't keep it long after you get off restrictions, the cheaper/older it is the less you lose to depreciation when you sell it.
    2- you will probably drop it at some point, be prepared for it. I dropped mine only once, on the second day I had it. Fairings can be expensive to replace, oggy knobs can help reduce damage, but may make it worse if you crash at higher speed (they catch in potholes and can cause the bike to flip)

    Good hunting, hopefully ive given you something useful and its not all crap haha
  9. Thanks for all the help guys and info. Simon I am going to ask mike who sent me a Pvt message. Thanks for the offer anyways.
  10. No worries and goodluck.
    If it doesnt work out for you come buy my Ninja :p
  11. Haha no worries,is yours for sale?
  12. I just saw this post, How did you go?
    Na its not really however I would sell it for the right price to buy a supermoto :)
  13. A very big thanks to mike8863 who went out of his way to come and meet/inspect/give advice and give great information to a novice bike buyer.(especially that it was the time of the moto3 race). I have made an offer but it will most likely be rejected due to the fact that i thought the price was a bit steep and rego and front tyre as well as a few other things needed replacment.

    What mike said to me before he left really hit me though. Its not the only bike out there and theres always next week. I really feel that i would have purchased that bike that day which may have or may have not been a good decision.

    But saying that i now know what to look for and how to inspect a bike myself. I most likley wouldnt of spotted the oil leak but small stuff such as looking under the foot pegs for scrathes was...coool;

    Once again thanks for taking the time for coming to have a look and i will let yous know how my bike hunt goes.

    i did have the option to test ride, but i ws scared and didnt have my helmet yet which was stupid of me.
  14. Small stuff...looking for evidence ( cover up ) that the bike has had a little lye down because it was tired...

    BTW..Arthur finished 3rd, best result yet...

    A very much younger Arthur Sissis....

  15. Also, don't forget the inspection checklist in the Articles section - https://netrider.net.au/pages/inspectionchecklist/
  16. + 1 fot this idea mate i used brett 6 months ago for my first bike purchase couldnt be happier.

    + 1 for this too look ask questions look some more take your time grasshopper and you wont get stung