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Test ride Gilera Nexus 500 in Adelaide?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Gibbz, May 21, 2008.

  1. Ive found a second hand gilera Nexus 500 '05 model for a reasonable price(about 6k). But its in another state...

    Id like to give one a test ride locally just to see if thats what im after.
    Anyone know where I can test ride one in Adelaide?
  2. try looking up the dealers, perhaps via the Piaggio site and give them a call.
  3. Petty your not in Melb.. Could have taken mine for a ride.. :grin:
  4. ok so ive found one i can try.

    Atm im trying to decide between a scarabeo 500 and the nexus 500. But theyre both hard to find :mad:

    I saw a nexus 500 on the street however, and I like it! It looks alot smaller then the average maxi scoot which is good considering im short.
  5. Both pretty different scoots mate.

    Ones clearly targeted at sports market, the other more of a relaxed cruiser.

    Both pretty good styling in my opinion. The fact that they're not that really bulky typical "maxi" shape appeals to me.

    You've really got to test them both. Personally i found the Nexus pretty strange to ride...just wasnt comfortable. Strange riding position. The Scab, i really love, love the looks, love the ride, love everything about it. Get a red one.
  6. yeah i realize they are going to be different. I like the look of the nexus, but if the scarabeo is a better more comfortable ride ill definitely prefer that to looks:)

    Still waiting to test ride these suckers :oops:
  7. yeah, that was just my own opinion. But i admit i didnt ride the Nexus for very long.

    it would depend a lot on what sort of riding you'll be doing. If you were planning on spending every weekend belting through the twisties, then maybe you'd prefer the Nexus, but if you spend 2 hrs each day commuting to work on the freeway, then maybe the relaxed Scab would be better.

    Both these scoots would sell in fairly low volumes so i'm not surprised that dealers might not have demo models for you to test.