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Test ride CBR-1000 fireblade--->> WOW.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by NedKellyAUS, May 6, 2006.

  1. WOW.

    Went for a test ride on the new 2006 blade and all i can say is wow, it was a great ride in every way.

    Things that stood out for me- 1st thing was brakes, i just touched them and almost did stoppie, also how light weight & comfortable the bike was.

  2. Would you say that it would be comfy on a long ride?? I actually have ridden the new zx10 and all i can say is, give me the 12 any day, the only thing the 10 did better was stop !!
  3. I'm knocked out by the new Blade as well mate, what a f*cking cracker of a machine.

    I got home from my test ride and jumped straight onto the trading post...

    Still haven't completely decided whether to go for it yet, it would be an incredibly difficult machine to control yourself on, and I imagine you'd have to be going f*cking fast before you could really dig into a corner and feel you were pushing the bike. Still, those amazing brakes could get you out of trouble I guess.

    You'd have to downgear it by about 50% to make it a bike you could enjoy in the city - as it is, by the time you're into the powerband in first gear, you're already well into "hand over that there license, son" territory.

    Still, what an exhilirating experience it is riding one of those things, I bet the Gixxer and ZX10 and R1 are equally or more incredible.

    I was happy to notice that I still loved my CB9 on the way home after testing the blade. So maybe I should stick with the old girl...
  4. Yes it not to bad for a longish ride.

    Loz it sure does go great and yes i went for on the test ride a bit , The honda guy was in front of me on the freeway and he waved me by to go for it & got to 170.(i looked down already 170) did not feel like it as it was so quick and easy. I backed off though as it was still just a test ride.(wish i didn't back off).
  5. I took one (2006 CBR1000RR) for a test ride two days before my accident. Actually, I test rode it while they were fitting the new rear tyre that cause my accident anyway...

    Nice bike. Front suspension seemed a little over-damped at stock. Seat was hard. Steered very well. Power-wise I was a little unimpressed, but then again my R1 does have a dyno measured 142rwhp and is about 15kgs lighter than the ~160rwhp CBR1000RR. By unimpressed, I mean that it didn't just leap out and grab me. I did notice that the power band was very linear, lots of low and mid-range grunt, but the lack of any real power peak just made it feel less exciting than the R1, even though in roll-on tests I'm sure the 2006 CBR1000RR would simply walk (run?) away from my 2000 model R1. Just sheer linear hard pulling power from start to red-line with no exciting surges (not that one could ever call a 1000cc I4 bike's acceleration dull, but compartively speaking here).

    With the R1's suspension being sorted properly to suit my style, and resprung for my weight, it's hard to make any real fair comparison between how the two bikes handle. Both bikes steer like thought control. The CBR seemed less inclined to drop on its side or change line at a whim, but this could also be due to the tyres fitted, so hard to say.

    Without the test time to do a track day, or take the test bike up through some of my favorite twisties, it'd be hard to say that I felt any great passion about the bike. Sure, it's bloody fast, handles well, stops well, steers well, and does all the things that one would expect of a top-notch 1000cc sports-bike, but the small things like the seat's hardness, and the suspension's high-speed damping harshness just didn't make me fall in love with it. Sure, these things could be tweaked out on a bike I owned, but what the test ride did was highlight for me that all modern sportsbikes are from the showroom floor are just sports-bikes of 5 years ago that are set up better and with tricker components from the factory floor, and with a beefier stock engine. Sit one back-to-back with a well set up older bike and the differences are small and really just come down to a matter of personal preference.

    I reckon things like seat comfort, what tyres are fitted, and how well the stock suspension matches the rider off the show-room floor are probably the key components that would really make one modern bike stand out from any other.

    Just my 2c about it. Loved it. Would own it for sure if someone gave me one. Didn't love it enough to make me want to sell the R1 and drop an extra $10K to pick one up though.
  6. Ignorance is bliss damnit!
    Why do you people need to tempt us...

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  7. Ya cant have the brunette with the big boobs, I claimed her in January 2006 :p