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test ride burgman 250?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by twistngo, May 1, 2007.

  1. hi, we are looking to upgrade to a 250cc scooter. my wife has ridden the bolwell firenze but we want to try the suzuki burgman 250 as well. does anyone have any idea where in melbourne we can find a dealer that has a demo model we can ride? its a frustrating business and we don't want to buy without trying.

  2. You could also try the Piaggio X8 250, a very nice scoot. I was looking at a 250 as well, test rided nearly every 250 and found the X8 one of the best, and at a great price $8,500 ride away. I get mine in a couple of weeks. If you have any Qs about the X8 feel free to PM me.
  3. I think you will find that suzuki has ceased production of the 250. If you scroll down their global website to the scooter section http://www.globalsuzuki.com/motorcycle/motorcycle.html you find that it is no longer listed.

    For other makes and models in melbourne, give these mobs a ring and see what they have available for a demo. Let them know you won't be buying if you can't test ride it.

    • Scooter Market (Abbotsford)
      Mick Hone Motorcycles (Box Hill)
      Scooter CASA (South Melbourne)
      A1 Motorcycles (Brighton)
      Scoota City (Melbourne)
      Peter Stevens (Melbourne & Ringwood)
    For $1100 more than a Piaggio 250, you could get a Yamaha or Suzuki 400, but they are a heavier scoot.
  4. thanks. there are a few burgman 250s around. mick hone has one but doesn't have one for demos. A1 in ringwood has the bolwell firenze but we had to go to armadale motors to get a test ride. probably look at the yamahas as welll now.
  5. Sandy at Armadale Motors will negotiate reasonably; but servicing is done elsewhere.

    And if you want to look closely at an X8 in Melbourne, PM me.
  6. can i just ask, whats the reason for limiting yourselves to a 250?
  7. its complicated. we won't have our unrestricted licences until Nov. my 250 road bike karked it and I don't want to buy another little bike before Nov. (I'll be OS for a while) my wife has decided a 250 scooter is as big as she feels comfortable on (she rides a 100cc honda lead now) so if we get a 250cc scooter now I can ride it for a while and she can take it over later.
  8. Dont forget to test ride the Bolwell G-max 250 if you get the chance. Top value for money, looks great.
  9. after a lot of messing around my wife has test riden the bolwell firenze, piaggio beverly(???!!!), yamaha majesty and the suzuki burgman: PS in ringwood managed to find a 2nd hand burgman she could try.
    getting the suzuki. despite their bad press, PS have been the easiest to deal with!