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Test ridden CB500f & CB650f - still not sure

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Neville75, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. So I've been going insane, trying to decide between a cb500f and cb650f as my first road bike. Test rode both today, expecting to just know which one suited best. Sigh... loved them both, still unsure. Anyone care to advise?

    cb500f pros: fuel economy, cheaper to buy, super easy as to ride, seems powerful enough.
    cb650f pros: won't need to upgrade anytime, more powerful, very stable & capable on highway, love the colour scheme.

    Primarily for commuting with occasional weekend blast, 40 year old who just wants a bike that I won't need to upgrade in 12 mths time. No licence restrictions. Did really enjoy the no fuss torque of the 500. Does anyone ever keep a LAMS bike when they don't need to or does everyone get the bug and crave more power? How much more expensive to run would a 4cyl 650 be over the 500, particularly chain/sprockets/tyres ?
  2. You wont need to upgrade either bike in 12 months time. But regardless of how good they are, it sounds like you will be dreaming of something new after your first 12 months anyway.

    Buy the bike that suits you now, worry about the future bike later.
  3. Go the 4 cylinder.....you know you want to.....
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  4. I did 10,000km on my CB500x and really liked it, but it wont take long before you are pinning the throttle a lot of the time. They go ok but i found i was wanting more pretty quickly. I test rode the 650 when i got off restrictions and it was a nice step up in power but yeah it didn't have the lazy low down torque of the twin, nice top end surge though. If i had to pick it would be the 650 every time

    In the end i got an MT09 and after twelve months im still grinning like a spaz every time i ride it :)
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  5. Take them for another, longer, test ride. Then ride a few other bikes. If a clear 'winner' can't be found - either toss a coin or find out which one costs the least to register/insure/service.
  6. There's "no replacement for displacement".
  7. If only a meter could be invented for such a reaction so you could get an objective measurement of whether the bike is right for you.

    Both the 500 and the 650 are cracking bikes. Personally, I'm not a fan of twins but I can see the attraction of the low down grunt. As mentioned above, take them for another test ride each and see if any one of the them particularly speaks to you. There are hundreds (thousands?) of different bikes out there so maybe neither of them is the one that suits you the best.
  8. Yeah! Twins are for girls, go the four...............

    *Disclaimer: That was in no way a sexist comment, i'm just saying, in these circumstances the gentleman had to told in a certain matter of fact fashion, okay?
  9. For me the 650F would tug the heart strings more with the power, looks and sound over the 500. And it would make those weekend blasts all the more fun.
  10. I have a twin - what are you saying?! Wanna knit off or something... ;)
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  11. Sorry Mate - got the washing up to do first ;)
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  12. Get the 650. You're paying a premium for the LAMs sticker when you don't have too.
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  13. On long trips the 4 cyl will be smoother. Most twins have some vibes at certain revs. Not that 4s are always smooth. I just find them more comfortable on long rides. Also my philosophy is to get the biggest engine bike you are comfortable with, that way you won't be wanting to upgrade all the time.
  14. nothing wrong with twins, in fact some kick as, but if you are already debating, go with the 650 that way you avoid the self-hate later on....
  15. can the 650 LAMS be un-LAMS'd?
  16. The Honda 650s are not LAMS bikes, so not restricted at all. Apparently they go well, but need a slip-on to sound properly.

    I was speaking to an owner recently and he said even with the clip-ons, it's still quite upright and comfortable.
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  17. oops, I missed the "no" licence restrictions... :p
  18. Thanks for the advice folks. Might look for a longer test ride before I dive in. Will post pics of what I end up with.
  19. Went on a ride with an older CBR600, howled like a banshee up through the mountains, damn it sounded good, go the 650, you love the colour scheme, every time you look at it you'll smile(with half a mongrel), heaps of power, more capable on hiway, better to spend a few extra bucks now than loosing money upgrading later
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  20. Technically yes, but it's not legal. a Lams bike is registered as Lams. But if it is de restricted (Modified) then it no longer complies with Lams legislation and is therefore an illegally modified bike.