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Test on Thursday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tracecon, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Well its that time. RDate test on Thursday. Reckon I may go on the Ag bike. Gotta do a figure 8 so I've been practicing on the Ag. Tried it on the 650 cruiser and battled to keep my feet from going down - any tips there would be helpful.

  2. I watched a link to a 15 year old 4'11 chick riding a electra glide that someone posted recently in a thread here -- seems they Scandinavian flick the front wheel outwards first ever so slightly to get a tighter turning circle

    But this will not be needed for the AG Bike

    my advice -- head checks -- remember them
  3. How did you go? I went for my licence today and passed! I was so sure nerves would wreck me again (like they did last year when I failed getting my L's the first place because I was so nervous and completely stuffed up and missed the painted corner). My L's also expires today so I am so rapt I passed (and didn't need to retest).

    I found the licence test much easier than the L's - for a start the first exercise - riding through a corner as fast as you can manage safely - was double the width, and the second timed one - you get four go's at it, all you had to do was not anticipate and just react. (I'm in Victoria)

    Most importantly though, I just had a tonne of fun today hooning around on the track with no cars, top instructors and a bunch of nice people who were all in the same boat as me.

    I will definately be going back to HART in a year's time for their intermediate course.

    Now I just hope I can remember the skills I learnt today - counter steering, emergency braking, slow riding - when needed, without panicing or locking up my tyres from squeezing too hard.

    Once my Sat classes are over, I will be joining the crew for Sat practice (i'm still new to riding as I've only been riding for 6 weeks) so I can practice practice practice.
  4. Hi nexus1111, see my latest post