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Test of Character

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Well today was the day for me to decide whether i was a mirror smasher or not.
    Pulled around a landcruser and moved off down a road. when he hits his horn.
    Pull up at a roundabout and cop high beems an an other blast.
    Look around to him giving me the bird.
    Turn around and am about to ride offf when there is an other blast.
    So i drop it in nutral kick out the stand and get off, walk up to his windo and ask him what the problem is.
    "You came around me on the Left you F#@^'n Cock Sucker" is the reply I get.
    At this point a little back and forth of words and i get back on the bike. At this point i made a bit of a mistake, two bikes road past and they stopped to ask if things were O.K. I should have said no and axplained (Would have loved to see his face when there were three of us) but i said yeah I'll be fine.
    Up to the next round about and cop an other blast of beams and horn. so once again drop it in nutral stand out and have an other couple of not so polite words. By this time I was lining up the mirror, and asking myself is that the sort of rider i want to be.

    I decided that it wasn't. but it definately brought me to the point of having to conciosly make that desision.

    Oh and a foot note, the slimy piece of fiecies was playing on his mobile phone the whole bloody time.
  2. Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe out!

    Road rage at it's best.

  3. You did pretty well to contain yourself, but I can't help but to think a better response would have been to ride away from him and get on with your day rather than risk property damage or assault on you, your bike, or on the dickhead in his 4x4.
  4. Rule#1: If you have to get out of the car or get off the bike then you have to somehow injure the other person, non of this high school mirror breaking crap.

    Rule#2: If you don't have to get out of the car or get off the bike then just continue driving/riding.
  5. If you really want to surprise a pissed off bloke in a car, raise your visor, make eye contact, and blow them a kiss.
    They are either gobsmacked or further infuriated.

    Either reaction amuses me.

    I've had many tough guys say stuff like "If I get out this car you're fking dead," etc etc.
    Strangely none of them has ever got out of the car.
    Boring really.

    When I was mobike couriering a lot of us wore motocross boots, with the steel plates at the toe, great for scraping down a car's paintwork as you slip by, half the time they don't even know what you did until they stop sometime later.

    All part of life on the road.
    Remember mate, it's not just a mode of transport...it's a fking adventure!!!
  6. Haha, love it.

    Luckily the worst I have encountered is somebody jumping on the horn immediately when I stalled it at the lights (it was probably only my third time out on the bike). Just thought 'wanker!', calmy started it up again, put it into gear and as slowly as mechanically possible eased away from the lights to teach the person a lesson in patience. Even better was the fact that it was down a single lane street and they were behind me for the next 4 sets of lights getting the same treatment at each one(though without the stall of course).
  7. I useually just shake my head and slow down a bit just to piss them off a bit more dont let it stress you mate cause they are the f%$#wits
    I love when they start frothing at the mouth and start spitting on their car :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Just apologise for risking his life by overtaking him, and ask if he knew how dangerous using a mobile was?

    Interesting to watch the reaction.
  9. hey f-l,

    i'm quite chuffed you had a couple of bike's pull over to make sure things were ok.

    i'd take more substance from the goodwill offered by the bikes rather than the small dick mentality offered by the 4wd driver - probably just another private school taxi.
  10. Falcon-Lord, you did the right thing IMHO. Fair enough to get into a verbal with the d!ck, but if you were the one to take it to one step further to property destruction then that puts you in the wrong.
    By you're description it was only abuse - he didn't actually endanger you. If he had, there might have been grounds to get physical.
    A month ago I had a situation where a fool in a ricer got all aggro about a bit of lane-splitting (even though it wasn't in front of his car). I pretended I couldn't hear him over the doof-doof, and then I just laughed in his face - he nearly went purple :LOL: Been chuckling about that ever since
  11. Every arvo we have to reverse an 8 tonne truck with a wood chipper trailer into our driveway, we live on the main road. Most of the time people are quite patient but sometimes car drivers get the shits and beep their horn, if they do, we all get out of the truck (three big blokes and one cranky woman cause I'm thinking now I've got to make dinner after work too) and start having a look around it, then go over to the driver and say to them we thought they were trying to warn us that there was a problem :grin: with the truck. Nice and slow and give em a big thank you wave when they finally get past, makes em even more crankier then me :p