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Test my new website for errors

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by E2W, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Hello all, I've had my website revampt. It's an all new layout, server and host. I've gone through it a few times but would you guys like to go have a look at it and report any dead links, buttons that dont work or any other dramas. If you find anything not right please PM me the details or ring me at the shop on 03 9077 7312. Please let me know if you look at the site through internet explorer or one of the other browsers.


  2. Looks good - hard to go wrong with WordPress with things like standards compliance and browser compatibility.

    2 reccommendations I would make:
    - Set up a custom 404 error page with your logo/theme/etc
    - Look into favicon.ico (GIYF)

    Both will add just a little extra 'professional touch'.

    And possibly get rid of the META section on the right side - it's a bit superfluous.
  3. I didn't find any issues with it, but just wanted to say I think its pretty slick, well done.
  4. Only suggestion so far would be to slow down the scrolling of the featured news in the top left: Too quick to read & there's no way to stop or slow them at our end.

    I realise they are linked below, but the movement is what catches the eye.
  5. Hi Pete, Very nice. A couple of minor things from a readability aspect. I would increase the padding between images and text and between borders and text a bit more. Also break the text up into paragraphs, more liberal use of white space makes it far more readable.

    Otherwise good job, can't find any broken bits. :)