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VIC Test Motorists to Make Bikers Safer

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Day, Sep 12, 2011.

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  2. only thought are you beat me to it lol.. just came in here to post it..

    wonder if it will go through, or will we just get another tac statement saying we are responsible for our own safety and we are all in the wrong.
  3. Re: Re-testing drivers to make riders' safer.

    guess he's had enough of working for the herald/sun.
    may he go on to bigger and better things.
  4. Re: Re-testing drivers to make riders' safer.

    If they bought this in it would be another government money spinner, how long do you think it would take before they realised they could make even more money if they retested motorcyclists as well?
  5. Re: Re-testing drivers to make riders' safer.

    Sounds like a good idea.
    MOTORISTS should be re-tested every five years to make roads safer for motorcyclists, MPs have been told.

    Exactly how does re-testing make the roads safer?
    My 4 year old nephew could pass a licence test!

    How does re-testing address the following factors:

    Navigation aids and entertainment systems were distractions: "The motorist is less likely to be aware of what is happening around them and in fact almost oblivious to other road users."

    Riders are particularly vulnerable to drivers who simply don't see them

    And for me, this was a key point in the article;
    "Other road users need to accept that motorcyclists are entitled to share the existing road space in a safe manner,"

    Why? Because you cant test this every 5 years, its a learnt behaviour and attitude that drivers have developed and fine tuned re: motorcyclists.

    My point is testing is great and admirable,testing is momentary. "Woo Hoo I passed the re-test" straight back to their and fall back into the same patterns. Changing the perception, attitudes and relationship between drivers and motorcyclists is more the core problem.

    Just my 2c
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  7. Re: Re-testing drivers to make riders' safer.

    Well I think it's a small step forward...

    What I like about the article is it goes some what to making public aware that the biggest threat to motorcyclists are cagers that are programed just to look for cars, use mirrors without head checking, distracted by the multitude of extras in the modern day car and see motorcycles (and cyclists) if they just happen to be in view rather than looking out for them...

    I also like that it's stating how it's telling joe public that us motorcyclists know the additional risks we take and that most of us take those extra steps to counter the extra threat by cages..

    You'd hope that the retesting would included having motorycles in the actual test somehow..
  8. Maurice Blackburn lawyers have put in an nteresting submission - they spke to quite a few riders (I know of me, Kohn K, Rob Smith and others) and one of their principals went for a spin on the back of John K's Harley.

    A quote from part of their submission...

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  9. Re: Re-testing drivers to make riders' safer.

    so we're all ignoring Nobby's post, are we?

    but seriously, what a crock. I've held my driver's license since August 1968, and my rider's license since 1974; does that mean since I ride as well I wouldn't be re-tested? And how will making me sit a road-rules test make me more aware of motorcyclists than I am already?
  10. Re: Re-testing drivers to make riders' safer.

    Can we forget about the money, revenue making path for just a bit?

    We have a firm who has finally recognized what motorcycles face. It may only be a small step forward but its a step that we need...I was possibly over critical in my previous post re: testing. But the point that the article has recognized, the need for driver awarenes blah blah blah is a positive.

    Am I wrong?
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  11. Jesus you guys are all over this, I love it. A couple of us got to have a look at the supporting document sent along with the press release, the lawyers at Maurice Blackburn and Associates who put this together are themselves long term riders. It's nice to have a prestigious company of their caliber on our side I'm thinking ;)

    Prommy, it's standard practice now to quote the meat and link the sauce. It keeps everything onsite and makes it easier to quote directly from the article.
  12. Re: Re-testing drivers to make riders' safer.

    I [for what my 2c is worth here] am thinking this might be aimed towards the 'mums n 4wds' and the people with iPhone plugged in their ears. If this is the targeted crowd you'd have more then 50% of the driving community to take notice!! Not a bad effort IF that was to be sucessful, maybe ad campaigns [we do pay our road tax] could be targeted towards these types of drivers..
    Back to answering phones, sorry folks, enjoy the day :)
  13. I'll leave this here where it can be found.
  14. Re: Re-testing drivers to make riders' safer.

    what you're saying is right because you also ride and see it for the moto's side of the fence.
    But most cages don't.
    I for one wouldn't have an issue with rolling up and doing a road retest for my car/truck license even though I've had my license over 30 years.
    Nothing wrong with having me thinking "oh sh&t have my 5 year retest coming so better make sure I'm still on the job"

    If you're on top of your game, then it shouldn't be an issue..
    Most moto riders are so much more aware of what's happening around them that i'd say they'd have a higher retest pass rate than cagers..
  15. Re: Re-testing drivers to make riders' safer.

    No you're not wrong. The point you make is easily missed or dismissed as people try to defend their own shallow worlds.

    Nobody, and I do mean nobody has come out in the defense of riders....until now.

    We can either stand by and idly criticise the little points, or we can throw our support at the bigger idea.

    There will be plenty of people who will be knocking Maurice Blackburn because of the audaciousness of their press release and their submission. Before we try to score cheap online points against then, we should have a good hard look at the political points to be scored or lost in the big arena.
  16. Re: Re-testing drivers to make riders' safer.

    What a waste of time. Another great headline grabber that amounts to nothing. How will training overcome distraction and overwhelmed senses? More people who don't get why crashes are happening.
    Too many cars, too little space, too little time and street designs that were great... in the 1900s
  17. Re: Re-testing drivers to make riders' safer.

    There, I fixed it for you.
  18. Hmmm - call this occupational hazard - I'm just slightly aware of the "fair use" laws in quoting articles (generally 10%)... Most other sites don't allow quoting for this reason ;) (news.com.au are well known for not liking anything which stops someone going to their site)

    It affects the site and not me though from mem, so happy to quote if that's the way around here
  19. Re: Re-testing drivers to make riders' safer.

  20. Ah roger, that makes sense.

    A few of us here at NR dispensed with the formalities of online plagiarism yonks ago. Speaking for myself, having lost the respect for the media for some time now, I feel no guilt with stealing their valuable traffic and don't feel beholden to them in any way.

    The next time they reject a reader's comments from their online publication because it doesn't fit with their 'paradigm', they can keep that in mind.