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Tessa's Spill

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by motormouse, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Saturday night after St. Kilda coffees I had a spectacular spill with sparks flying and all. First time I came off the bike, not keen on trying that again in a hurry :(
    I wanted to say the biggest of *thank yous* to everyone who helped me out last night. Despite what happened I felt really safe and in the best of hands.
    Shaun was patching me up, tek was giving me a hard time and taking the photos and Aaron was holding my hand (not too sore is it?). I was returned home safe and sound along with my bike (which has minimal damage phew!) and Krispy Kreme donuts :grin:
    Went to hospital today to get it checked out and they think there might be some ligament damage so I won't be in for coffees for a while. So drop by if you're in the area.
    Oh and if anyone knows where it happened can you PM me asap - need it for TAC.
    Once again, thanks a bunch guys

  2. Sorry to hear about your off, Tessa.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  3. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: doh-doh and triple doh.Heal well Ms MotorMouse,you will have plenty of time recouperating,to get the Sims to try and bonk :grin: .
  4. sorry to hear the bad news, hope your back on the road soon
  5. Glad you're ok Tess. :grin:

    From what I hear, it was fairly spectacular so you should be proud of yourself. :) Don't worry about the bike, they can be fixed and there's plenty of people who'd be willing to dink you coffee. :)
  6. Hi tess, glad your ok darling,hope your knee feels better soon. It happend at the cnr of the burnley over pass and swan st. Shaun.xxxxx.and Katexxxxxxxx.
  7. Damn! That's no good! Apart from being sore and strained, everything else ok?

    Were you popping mono's again]/b]?!!! :)
  8. glad to hear it was relatively minor damage to both you and your bike. wish you a fast and speedy recovery.

    - Bren
  9. Yeah everything else is ok, just a bit of bruising \:D/
    And yeah pretty proud of the stack, I soooo claim bragging rights, and I have witnesses!!!
    Another battle scar to add to the collection
  10. I know the feeling all to well :(

    Glad to hear that there's no serious damage.
  11. Thanx guys
  12. Hey Tess,

    Hope the ligament damage is minimal and you're back out riding soon :)
    Like I said last night, 10/10 for presentation... sparks definitely topped it off
    my hands pretty sore right now, you've got one hell of a strong grip there :LOL:
  13. Arrrrrrrr ya CLOWN!

    Bad luck, don't do it again. Hope your leg's only a temporary booboo.
  14. See guys you want sparks, get a woman to show you how its done :LOL:
    Glad to hear your ok & min damage to bike.
    Gotta say love the knee wrap over jeans. Nice work

    But its a comfort to know you can rely on friends. Even if they end up
    taking the piss out of you.
  15. You diddn't crash, you just lent over that far, you got sparks off the bike...
  16. ...........yeah.....................yeah....................thats right :cool:
  17. Quick recovery Tess. Hope you and bike are not to damaged
  18. Bugger

    Hope you are back on it soon , will see you soon I am sure..

  19. Greetings all,

    My name is FLAT, and I'm MotorMouses dad. I just wanted to say thank you to all those wonderful Netriders who helped my little girl after her accident on Saturday night. It is great to see that your club has the same spirit as Ulysses where I'm a member. Regards and stay upright!!

    Ohhhh isn't that sweet - motormouse
  20. I missed something, what happened. Obviously you came off but how did it happen.
    How come everyone coming off gets minor injuries (which is great) but i get wrecked. I need to learn how to fall properley.

    Great your ok and minimal damage.