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Terrorist attacks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Foxy, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    I've been asked to let as many people I know about this, so I figured it was easier to post it than to email it to everyone.
    From what I understand this is the real deal. You can choose to ignore it, or believe it, just don't shoot the messenger.

    Hopefully the information received is untrue



  2. I got a similar one for the Town Hall in Sydney on Saturday. Just another e-mail spam/hoax, capitalising on recent events (I hope).
  3. True there's a lot of spam about this sort of stuff. But this one comes directly from a friend of my SO, the email also contained the name and contact details of her friend that sent it to her, which I left off on purpose.

    In other words there's no 6 degrees of separation from this email.

    Those that know me know that I know a lot of blokes that are on the job. Haven't heard anything from them as yet.
  4. Now that's exactly what a smart terrorist would want you to think...

    Hmmm... the train email is a hoax, so I'll take the bus...but hang on, what if it's a trick...I'll outsmart them and take the train.

    To be safe, I'll use my bike. At least then I can reliably predict that it will blow up sometime soon.
  5. The pattern of operation of the IRA in their prime was to warn of impending attacks.
    The pattern of the current terrorist climate has been exactly the opposite.
    IRA attacks were to drive a political point and injury was often limited because of the warnings
    Current terrorists are not driving a political point, just trying to kill as many decadent westerners as possible, and any warning is inimical to that aim.
  6. With all the recent raids on houses lately it doesn't surprise me! There have been Heaps up here in the last few days!!
  7. :LOL: that's funny
  8. Good point. None of the attack had previous warning, 911, london, bali, madrid. Nevertheless great job by the police cracking down the bastards this weekend.

    The other thing, information coming from "a friend of a friend" usually are hoax
  9. What's funny about that, Dan, don't you consider yourself a decadent westerner? I know I would if I could afford to be one...... :D
  10. The mail I got has a persons details in a signature as well. It could be a form of virus nabbing some poor persons e-mail sig and using whatever message body it wants. That said, the sig on the mail I got was from an estate agent. I think thats called counter intelligence.
  11. *sigh*
    Here we go the sky is falling the sky is falling!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get on with life will you?
    When and if it happens there will be no warning.
  12. Some of those attacks did have warnings, just certain men in suits decided not to act on it or think much of it
  13. Me? Decadent, no.
    These are the only stereotypes applicable to me:

    - Western Oppressor
    - Evil Crusader
    - Australian Kafir
    - Dirty Infidel

    But Decadent Westerner? Never! I take offence to that... :)
  14. :applause: agreed!!
  15. Oh no...there's no warning...it must be about to happen.

    I hope you have some evidence to prove that there are organised cells scheming to cause the collapse of the sky. I trust that you've rung the number on your fridge magnet.

    We need to mobilise the community to deal with the problem. Every able-bodies man and woman needs to find a high place where they can assist with holding up the sky in the event of a catastrophe.

    Be a ladder, but not alarmed.
  17. Maybe the gummint just is'nt telling us about the warnings anymore. With all the histeria surrounding 'terrorists' the last thing the gummint needs is to spread panic.

    The 'alleged terrorists' that were arrested yesterday, the gummint knew about them, the gummint knew they were 'allegedly' planning an attack. Did the public hear about it?

    I think the gummint are more concerned with being able to say "Look at us, we just saved you lives by stopping this terrorist attack we weren't going to tell you about."

    Aaaah, it's all crap anyway, if they're gonna blow us up, it'll happen and there ain't a damn thing we can do...

    Just keep having fun, loving life and sticking your finger up at anyone who tries to stop us from living our (to quote Mr Hornet) 'decadent western' lifestyles...
  18. Decadent Westerner? That inspires visions of an Oscar Wilde character wearing a crevat, reading poetry and quaffing oysters and drinking claret. I think you need to quaff oysters instead of eat them if you are decadent. Whatever attack targets that particular minority will need to be laser guided and travel through time.
  19. Hey all,

    I just received some new information on the suspected terrorist attacks...the threat is no longer to the train stations, it's now the freeways during peak hour times and it can happen from today to next thursday (after that I'm on annual leave)...so everyone stop driving to work and take the train :)
  20. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Lighting cigars with $100 notes, feasting on engandered species for the novelty, and carelessly wagering large amounts on the craps table. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: