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terror attack in london

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaos, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Faaaaark someones blown up some busses and some underground subway stations in london. What in the hell is the world comin to, i mean really.

  2. You piss people off enough they hit back.

    Still...flapping awful. :(
  3. If it was terrorism, are we (Oz) next???

    Or was it a European based grievance (ie like the Spanish train blast)

    Now I suppose we'll suffer the comments about the french payback over losing the olympics

  4. I would say we are, as usa, england and australia are really the big three, especially in relation to the middle eastern countries.
  5. as we were just speaking about not posting facts about riders

    dont post guesses that it was terrorists

    the media loves to exploit "TERRORISM" dont fall for their tricks.

    they are gonna go on about this for weeks and the media will proclaim terrorism as much as they can before the truth gets out.

    dont get me wrong maybe it was but dont post "TERROR ATTACK" when you have no idea.
  6. Currently two confirmed deaths and at least ninety casulties. One confirmed bus blast on a double-decker, I think about six underground stations have also had single explosions. Blair to peak shortly.
  7. I'm hoping they have a targets in Queenland to hit next

    starting with Gretal Kill...............een
  8. ..another reason not to use public transport and ride instead :shock: :twisted:

    London can take it, they gained strength during The Blitz during WW2, this will only strengthen their unity.
  9. Not funny blokes. Regardless of the orgins this is a serious attack.
  10. Hope we're not next...

    Englands got a much longer history of pissing off countries, etc than us.. we've really only been doing it since Howard's been so far up Dubya Bushs' back passage.

    IF it is terrorists (no ones said so for sure yet) then it could be IRA etc

    Anyway, not good news, it's always the innocent that get caught up in it and cop the pain, that pisses me off.


    Edit.. well said Deyago...
  11. sorry but what else would blowing up several busses and underground subway stations be? It inspites terror, therefore its terrorism. Even just shutting down the mobile phone services to stop further detonation would scare the shut out of people, terifying people, terrorism.
    It doesnt matter who it is, even if its bowling ladies with bombs, theyre still terrorists.
  12. Nah would not be the French. They don't have the balls to do it. If ya shout at them soft c ocks they run the white flag so quick. Its in bred into there system. They have done it all through there GUTLESS history :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  13. I'm not going to worry about it untill later . Why , because no-one knows anything for sure regarding anything . Just listening to the tv , its just all here-say . Very tragic , but i'll reserve all my comments at a time when panic has receded. Geez ,now the media are trying to guess how many people are involved. :roll:
  14. If it is not terrorism, what do you call it?

    I don't care who is responsible, it is still terrorism.

    What other explanation is possible? All fuelled with same bad diesel?

    There is no excuse for Terrorism. It is cowardice to the Nth degree. People say it is ok if you are invaded etc. For military targets yes, civilians NO. These low lifes should get ultimate penalty. They can be martyres if they like.

    These people (shouldn't afford them membership of the people ) should be eradicated. They are vermin.

  15. Your username says it all.
  16. Guys just THINK before you post on threads like this.

    My parents had been in London just a few short weeks ago so you can imagine how I'd feel about now if they were still over there.

    It took about an hour for the free to air networks to swing over to it but I've been monitoring it on the various pay TV news services for near enough to 2 hours.
  17. bastards.........

    I just happened to be listening to Londons Virgin Rock radio station
    on the 'net about 7.35pm (our time)
    when they suddenly broke the transmission to report a series of blasts
    across London..
    and for the next 15 minutes
    chaos, casualties and talk of fatalities
    of injuries and more explosions............. Evil or Very Mad

    I know we have quite a few poms here (and I married one)
    so there is an affinity with the UK and a disgust at whats happened
    (my missus is very upset as she has a lot of family living in London)

    total cowards
    these carns do not have a reason to be considered human
    I only hope they are caught
    and are slowly eviscerated...........and crucified
    after Bali .... and Madrid and 9..11
    I have no tolerance for this

  18. [quote="kiss_the_futureYour username says it all.[/quote]

    Kaos is years old, was considering a new nickname anyway.

    Ooh blair is about to start speaking
  19. Tony Blair has just spoken and is returning to London to be briefed on the attack. He himself has called it a terrorist attack based on the limited information he has been given.

    CNN are reporting around 20 deaths now but they are not confirmed.

    Pictures shown of the buses show that the roof was blown off and the sides out.

    No group has yet taken responsability.
  20. In any event, it's the human tragedy that's important here.
    Al Queda in Europe has just claimed responibility.

    9:11 pm