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Terrifying SMIDSY + anger... what do?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by buckett, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Howdy

    I've been riding for a little over 6 months. This morning I had my closest call ever and after 2 hours can not calm down!
    I've had plenty of smidsy's but always been able to see them coming or get out of the way pretty comfortably. I was on a 3 lane rd (Anzac pde outbound just after Moore park) in the middle lane. The right lane was stopped and banked up from a right hand turn lane, bus in left lane. As I was coming up to the banked up cars on the right immediately slowed down a little and buffered to left cause I could see some people changing quickly to middle lane. Anyway I was 100% expecting people to do stupid shit and long story short a lexus pulled out as fast a possible and I had absolutely no chance to do any breaking and missed him but about 3 cm. He had no idea the entire time even when I shot past him at 50km. I guess I could have reduced speed even more but its a 70km rd and I was already below 60 with brakes at the ready!

    Anyway what do you guys do afterwards in this situation... ? I caught up to him later and insisted that he roll his window down and gave him a huge serve with many Fs and Cs. Not usually my style and I can't see it encouraging him to look next time so I'm not that happy with myself.
  2. 1st thing... awesome work on not getting whacked!!!

    2nd thing ... venting is always good!

    3rd thing ... it'll happen again!

    After awhile it'll become... meh... nother dumbf@ck!
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  3. ^^Yep, suck it up, deal with it and move along.
  4. Zen my friend.

    If you ride around steaming up your helmet after every near miss you are going to have an accident sooner all later because you target fix when you are angry.

    When you get in a near miss, and if your heart is racing and you can't stop thinking about it, pull over, have a cigarette and calm your nerves.

    For the situation, passing a lane of stopped cars is one of the scariest things we do every day. This is where you can use the cars around you. There will be cars around you because otherwise all the danger will be gone anyway. Try to make sure you are in a stream of cars. People wont pull out into a stream of cars. They will pull into a biker with a big gap between them and the car in front. This is one of the few situations where being closer to the car in front is better.

    Edit: so in this situation you should notice it a few hundred meters away. Start thinking in their shoes. What are they looking for? A gap. If they don't see me will I look like a gap? Where is the car in front? Is it so far that I look like a gap? Yes. Can I catch up before the danger so it's impossible for them to merge into? Yes, catch up go through safely. No, hold back and let them pull out. Don't get in the middle ground.
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  5. 1 down a million to go. I copped two of them this week, idiots pulling out quickly to get in another lane, no indicator, no looky, no idea. Just have to try and always keep enough space for the nuffys to do their thing. Where possible, filter and stay in front of the traffic.
  6. ^^ This. Always a good idea to pull over if your nerves take a big hit.

    Also try not to get too mad - some of us do dumb things when we're mad (using myself as an example 8-[).

    Better to roll your eyes, say a few choice words to yourself and move on.
  7. I usually just go home and change my pants
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  8. Ride like you are invisible....if you assume that you can be seen, then you will get angry when cagers fail to see you.

    You were assuming that the cages on the right would do something stupid, and they did not disappoint...buffering was a good call, reducing your speed would have given you more margin to play with.

    Stay calm about it and move on...
  9. Luxury car in is always a warning sign. They're always the most likely to do something stupid to get a few metres ahead in traffic because they think they're better than everyone else.

    If they're driving a Lexus it probably means they're working ridiculously long hours in some tedious middle management position to pay off a crippling debt and support a family that hates them. No doubt they also secretly wish that someday they too could ride a motorcycle, if only they weren't so scared of them.

    Can't stay angry at drivers when you know you're superior to them, or at least that's what works for me :).
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  10. Get a Sebel air horn. In a true emergency you won't have the time to use it, nor should you.

    But if you see an idiot start to merge without checking a quick blast on the air horn will focus his attention. I've done that a couple of times to great effect since fitting one to Maggie.
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  11. This is not riding like you are invisible. In this situation the buffer with you and the car in front makes you far more at risk. It puts you in a place where if you are not seen you will get clobered. Riding invisible is more than making buffers, it is recognising parts of the road that are safe despite the risks around. Here the safest place to be is up the arse of the car in front, in the left wheel track. Here it is impossible for them to swing out into you even if they were trying to get you.

    Of course you put your self at risk of rear ending an accident if the car pulling out doesn't see the car in front of you. But the risk of them not seeing the car in front is much much smaller than the risk of them not seeing you.

    Riding invisible is complicated and an advanced skill riders need to learn but sometimes it does involve reducing buffers and putting yourself in a situation that naturally seems more dangerous.
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  12. ..the very 1st time I nearly got clocked by a car, I was absolutely shocked that they did not see me.

    Now, I ride like they can't, because to ride otherwise is leaving yourself extremely open. I also believe that my driving awareness in general has improved since I have been riding.
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  13. I'm usually quite Zen about it and don't abuse drivers. I don't see the point and don't like confrontation.

    In either case. I go and get ice cream...even when it's cold. There is always time for ice cream!
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  14. thanks for the advice guys. Yeah the use of car in front is a really good option. Unfortunately there was no on e around in my lane to do this with but definitely good to use next time.

    In terms of getting worked up I'm actually fine 99% of the time. I guess because this was so blatant and I didn't feel like I had much control (chance to be safer)I shat my self extra bad haha.

    anyways thanks for reading my vent
  15. Ok I drew a diagram of how to negotiate this scenario. This is how I picture the road when I'm riding. I think of the car in front as the top of a box and my lane as the edges and I try to imagine what the safest part of that box is to be in. Usually the risk of rear ending the car in front is the greatest risk so I keep some distance. However here there are far greater risks. The colours represent how I see this situation in terms of safety, green is safest red is highest risk.

    Buffering does 3 things;
    it changes your ability to be seen,
    it changes your ability to avoid an accident if your not seen and
    it changes the severity of the accident.

    Luckily in most situations the best place for all 3 is the same place on the road. However in this situation the best place to be seen is not the best place to avoid an accident.

    Riding invisibile style ignores the first thing. You assume you wont be seen and position your self on the road according to avoiding a crash and reducing severity. It is not always the best option, because there is not always somewhere to hide.

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  16. ok now see if you can work out what went wrong.
  17. not gunna get into what will be now turned into a buffering arguement.

    my advice, go slower next to a line of traffic like that. when commuting and in that situation with stationary traffic to the side,i usually go down to about 30km/h or get another lane away.

    frustrated people in a queued up lane, just don't look as hard and move fast.
  18. the lx300 has the highest crash rate of any vehicle.
  19. I could be wrong mate, and understand wot you were trying to do but.........do you think buffering to the left of the lane helped or hindered.....??
    numnut looking in his rear vision (If he did at all)..[-(... just saw a reasonable narrow view straight down the side of his car....](*,)..........
    you , way over there...... may not have even registered as being in the middle lane......8-[ just saying.......
  20. eeer... I thought buffering helped. I did manage not to hit him and since there's no guarantee that he would have seen me anyway is that not the best action? Are you guys saying that I should have been in a different spot in the lane to be more visibile, even though this is relying on that they would have seen me and if he hadn't I would be currently splattered on the road?

    thanks again for the advice I really appreciate it, would prefer not to die... [MENTION=14639]smee[/MENTION] should i be in middle of lane or right or what?

    sorry my buffering knowledge is limited to the license training stuff!

    [MENTION=26931]smileedude[/MENTION] thankyou