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Terrifying news

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. Here's a truly terrifying piece of news
    Leo Sayer has bought a house in Sydney and is settling in Australia
    It makes me feel like dancing!

  2. OMG , i remember him . Loved that hair do . I remember when on the Kenny Everet show he got covered in some kind of goo , very funny . :LOL:
    Oh yes, how we miss Kenny Everett, and Sid Snot and Marcel Wave and HOT GOSSIP and Angry from Mayfair.
    But yes, 'tis true, the hairy one is now an Australian resident, embarking on a huge tour and releasing a new, self-written, self-produced album. I'll reserve judgment till I've heard it!
  4. I won't! :LOL:
  5. hhhmmmm... The pollies will welcome his tax contribution towards their next payrise.

    I've seen and heard the adds promoting his tour, mercifully only one Tassie gig, he sounded like mickey mouse with a sore throat trying to sing in his signature high notes.

    Ah well, good luck to him I supose, at his worst he still a pavarotti compared to me.

    Oi Gromit, you've got important work to do young fella!!!!

  6. Jeez, can't a guy finish his morning coffee in peace?!!! :p
  7. well there ya go, you've invented cyber-nagging, mate!
  8. Coffee!!! Oh all right then, your forgiven.

    Hang on, it's past ten, unless it's raining, you've got no excuses boyo!.. out there and start fixing!!!

    hhhmmm does sound a bit like the wife :shock:

  9. Yes dear! :LOL:
  10. :D

    And while your out there... hose out the wheely bin, sweep the driveway, trim the hedge and wash the windows.....

    You still here?

    I might have another coffee :LOL:

    JJ (glad his wife hates computers, cos if she ever saw this as a way of communicating.................)