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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Renee_AW, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Help Help. I am a learner rider & about two months ago was at the level of competence where I was thinking about going for my P's.

    Then, I got sick, really sick, and haven't been able to ride for this two months....haven't been able to do anything.....Now, I am recovered but am terrified about getting back on my bike.

    Does anyone have any hints about what I can do to get some confidence to get back on?
  2. Just get on the thing. You won't get your confidence back, by sitting there in a chair.
  3. You need to get some practise. Find some quite roads or big empty carparks and just have a putt around. Maybe find a friend for some company.

    The important thing is practise
  4. +1

    even if you can just ride around your block one way then the other (assuming you have a block) so you can do left and right turns where you know the area and shouldn't be heaps of traffic (again assuming you're not living on a main road)

    :) best bet, get back on the horse and start riding again
  5. First thing you'll (probably) need to do is charge the battery in the bike :LOL:.

    The guys are right, though; find some deserted roads, shopping centre car-parks after hours, etc, and practice, practice, practice...
  6. Go for a ride really early in the morning when there's no traffic. It'll come back to you - its just like riding a bike :)
  7. Thanks All,

    I have started my bike up to make sure battery is okay. I live in a crazy hilly area...booo..and even my driveway is a challenge.

    Once I get up my crazy driveway, up my road to the very steep intersection I am on easier roads that are good early.

    I get the point about just getting back on & when the big storms pass this is just what I will do.

    I think the sickness has killed my passion...need to get it back!!!!
  8. hehe as soon as you get back on the bike (and over the nerves) you'll get the passion back instantly ;)

    I was going through a bit of depression when my bike was stolen (and waiting 2 months for insurance) finally got it back and was such a great feeling to be on two wheels again ;)
  9. Renee,
    i understand exactly where your coming from.I got really sick a year ago and was in the same predicament and scared if i would be able to ride

    Thank goodness i did as not being able to work all year at least i have been able to ride daily and it has kept my spirits up

    Initially i just sat on my bike and pushed it around and just really small rides became longer but i had to gradually do it as i was really weak after being bed bound

    Best of luck
  10. Get off the computer asap. Put your gear on and get on the bike!
  11. lol +1
  12. hope all goes well and you have a blast when you jump back on if not did you have anyone ride with you, help you? when you initially started ridning before, try and get them on board, having someone out with you may give just that bit of extra confidence to get you started again
  13. Just duck down to the shops and by some proton energy pills :wink: :grin:

    Once you learn to ride, it's (usually) hard to forget.
  14. Its like riding a bike...
  15. Its all very well to suggest "just get back on the bike" but if you're feeling that you're not confident in your area due to hills etc then why not go to your local bike training centre and do it a) on their bikes so no worry about dropping it, b) in a large open area with nothing to hit and c) with instructors there to help you. AFAIK all the bike instruction/ licensing places also offer refresher courses for returning riders or even do the learners course again (minus the test) until you find your wheels again. Good luck.
  16. I think waedwe is onto the right idea, get a patient friend to come out with you and take it at your pace. Pick quieter times to go out and stick to your comfort zone till your more confident
  17. if you have a rider friend. maybe have them ride your bike out of your drive way/street to an empty car park... that way you dont have to stress about that.. and they could give you some pointers as you practice making left and right turns and slow speed manovures... similar to what you did for your L's.
  18. i felt a bit weird about getting back on the bike after i got t-boned at an intersection and had two months on my back.

    its not just a confidence thing its a weak body thing.........

    i thought i was scared to get back on the bike but my buddy put me on the back of his fzr1000 while i was still recovering OMG javascript:emoticon(':shock:')and I realised that i wasn't scared at all i just wasn't physically up to doing it

    i did physio, built myself back up and didn't go to far at first

    i think if you're comforatble to sit on it you should be right to get out of your tricky driveway.... you'll know when you're ready .............just don't overthink it!
  19. Thank you Thank you Thank you...

    With encouragement from you all I got on my bike this morning. I decided on a short local ride to see how it felt. Felt good so I kept riding.

    For those of you familiar with Newcastle I was coming from Charlestown, went down Scenic Drive around all of the beaches to Honeysuckle & back up the highway to Charlestown.

    Riding down Scenic Drive with the sea in front I felt better than I have in months.

    Panic over....thank you all for your support! Once I got on it all came floodng back....it is just like riding a bike! :grin:
  20. Re: Thank you Thank you Thank you...

    That's awesome news Renee :) glad you're going to keep it up too ;)

    there is nothing quite like getting out on the bike and into the open air is there?