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Terra TTC at Hidden Valley 7-9 August

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by D1300, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. I had a couple of months empty in my racing calendar and had heard about the Terra Territory Challenge (TTC) up in Darwin. Terra (Top End Road Race Assoc) run a series up there but the TTC has some good prize money and is their annual big event.

    After sounding out anyone who we thought would be interested, we ended up having 4 of us go up from Sydney. Ideally, 10 would have been good because we could have taken a full container - as it was we sent the bikes up crated on general freight.

    Terra entry is $350 but interstaters have a $200 refund cheque written out on sign-in. It's pretty novel to have a cheque given to you for fronting up!

    I wasn't too sure about the track - Hidden Valley looks like a LONG staight with a couple of corners and kinks. The straight certainly was long but a 2nd gear u-turn at the end made it the most aggressive braking I've had to do on any track I've ridden, I'm surprised I still have brake pads. The back of the track also proved to be really hard work. The vast majority of us loved it, including myself.

    The TTC is 4 legs. One on Friday, two on Saturday and one on Sunday morning. Before you say that it's not enough racing, the program had it down for 10 laps on Friday's race and 15 laps per leg for the weekend :shock: I lost about half my body weight in sweat on the Friday and was thankful when they brought the rest of the legs back to 10 laps also. Rather than the traditional race by bike or rider classes, for modern bikes, they ran it on TTC1, TTC2 and TTC3 - your qualifying time was the sole factor in determining your class. I qualified over 1:19 so I was in TTC2 (Rog, before you ask, I think I finished 6th in TTC2 and spent the whole weekend on the second row of the grid. My PB was 1:19 - not flash, but ok for my dubious skill level). There was the 125's, juniors and side cars too.

    Sunday after lunch was scheduled for "Fun Races". For example, a red bike race, an over 55's race (combined rider and bike ages), a Le Mans start race, V-twins race, a Swap Bikes race (I swapped with a local and had a punt on his GSXR1000), etc, etc. Combined with Thurday's practice, I have never had so much track time at any race meeting. The TTC races were serious and the Fun races were in fact fun and I don't recall a single recovery required for the fun ones.

    I'm posting this up here in the hope that some of you will consider it next year. The guys at Terra are what you expect from a country club - warm, friendly and very, very helpful. Can't praise the guys up there enough for making our visit easy. The races were professionally run but the atmosphere reminded me more of Mac Park than say ASC. Though we did have grid girls on the front row for the starts to provide a decidely nice look to the grid!

    We worked out that direct costs were about $1900 (air fares, bike freight, entries, share accommodation and shared hire car) for 7 nights although you could probably trim that down if you're frugal or blow it out if you've a mind to go up-market. We did a bit of sightseeing and that added huge value to the trip too.

    I recommend that you give it a try - at least once!

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