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Terminology: Motorcycle or Motorbike?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by van, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Hey folks, long time no post! Been without my bike for a long time now, so I guess I've not got much to contribute haha. I guess I'll always be a cage guy at heart.

    Anyway, I've got a question for you knowledgeable sorts. I happened to say "motorbike" in conversation earlier today, and a friend far more in love with riding than me scoffed and said "it's motorcycle mate. Only yer parents call 'em motorbikes."

    That blew my mind! How can it even matter? Surely they're interchangeable?

    So now I've become obsessed with finding out what the deal is, haha. Is it motorbike or motorcycle, or are both fine?

  2. Your mate is quite right.

    Bike is acceptable but motorbike is only used by non-riders. :p
  3. Of course both are fine. I use motorbike myself, but I use bike in equal measure.

    I've either heard someone say or read something where someone said bike and they were corrected with "a bike is something you pedal, it's a motorcycle".

    I've also been confused when a tutor of mine told me they rode their bike to Uni and I was like ooh what do you ride? Turns out they were referring to a Huffy.

    As for motorbike/motorcycle, it's not as if there's any discrepancy between the two, so the point is moot.

    To each their own.
  4. Sod that - 'motorcycle' has one extra syllable!

    I'm always a bit bemused by the Netrider site's header line, which says 'Connecting motorcycle and motorbike riders...' or words to that effect, as though they're two different groups.

    I certainly don't think the usage is anywhere near as locked down as your mate and Tony seem to think - maybe it's a geographical thing in different places, or even just different communities.

    Anyway, what's important is not what you say, it's that you ride.
  5. I use bike unless i'm being an a$$ which is when i use cycle... cycle is for pompus people ;) :LOL:
  6. Definitely Motorcycle, and pronounced motor-sickle.
    Anything else makes you less of a human.
  7. It's a pet hate of Guy Stanford's - I know he's been pushing via the AMC to make bureacracies standardise all formal stuff as motorcycle since he believes that motorbike has a faintly derogatory air. :wink:

    FWIW I agree, when you see legislation written referring to "motorbike" rather than "motorcycle" you just know that whoever wrote it didn't really know anything.
  8. What about crotch-rocket? :LOL:
  9. picky picky
  10. from google.com

    Motorcycle = 103,000,000
    Motorbike = 10,900,000

    Google.com.au - Pages from Aust

    Motorcycle = 1,790,000
    Motorbike = 458,000
  11. i like Loz 2 year version way better...


  12. Are you dyslexic too? .
  13. .....just wanna ride my motor-sickle

    motor cycle is the original correct word.

    motor bike came into use much later.

    reckon motor cycle is a much nicer word than motor bike.
  14. I generally just say 'bike', although this confuses some people (they think I mean bicycle/pushbike) so I then say motorbike.

    The trouble is the last part of both those terms are interchangeable on the human powered derivative (bicycle, pushbike) and engine powered derivative (motorcycle, motorbike).

    Honestly though, i don't give a shit what people say, so long as its not 'scooter'.
  15. It's a Chopper baby...
  16. What gets me is how the yanks refer to their bikes as a 'scoot' :?
  17. generally motorcycle would be more acceptable but I suppose I'm not too harsh on the motorbike terminology, however in the case of a hyo it is generally known as "junk". No idea how these terms originated but their use appears to be just and fair for the most part. :LOL:
  18. In The USA, Hyo is called Junkscoot. Happy now?