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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Reesa, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Wonder if anyone is going to book him for not wearing a helmet?

  2. he will be back
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  3. Looks like one of those economic girly man bikes.
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  4. It's a Bike Share thingy down here
  5. Melbourne share bike
  6. I thought he would of taken the seat off
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  7. My point exactly - economic girly man shared bike policy. There's no place for it on the distopian mean streets of 21st century Vic.
  8. maybe you would take the seat off:hilarious:
  9. I could rip the seat off with my buns of steel. I posted a pic of them in the epic buns thread but it was deleted by the mod faeries.
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  10. thank Christ for that
  11. Wasn't me, I'm not touching that thread with yours.
  12. Womble's buns looked yummy.
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  13. I was going to post a pic of my floury baps too, but after the deletion, lost all appetite.
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  14. I would have thought you were too well bread for such shennanigans Womble
  15. Don't make me post my baguette.
  16. I heard it's more of an eclair, not that I can talk.
  17. There's no chocolate on my baguette*

    *Unless it's my birthday.
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  18. What about your hot dog bun? ;)
  19. Hey babe
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  20. She's back!
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