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Tenere Tragics 2014 High Country Run

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Tenrider, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Just completed the Tragics High Country Ride. I have to say it was my first but wont be my last. Best fun ever! 65 riders dusted up the roads of he Victorian high county. Stopping for the night at Mansfield, Orbost, Sale and the final night with a celebratory diner Alexandra. I have completed a few videos of the first two days and will post more as I complete them.


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  3. Nice videos mate and obviously great places to ride. I'll be doing the high country at a later date. I notice your camera is fixed solidly to the bike and there's hardly any shake. How is it fixed to the bike and what type of camera are you using? My setup is fixed solidly to my crashbar mount but I can't get rid of the shake, although the camera is a cheapie (for practice only) and doesn't have image stabilisation. I have a better camera but am trying to find a good place to fix it before trying it out in case the cheapie gets smashed by stones in the low crash bar position.
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