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VIC Ten times! ten ****ing times!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by simon varley, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. that's how much the TAC premium is on my rego renewal compared to the actual rego cost. and then they've got the ****ing cheek to add GST on top! what kind of ****ing service is that!

  2. My rego, $111, greenslip $515 and I don't pillion, is it a rort? Is the pope black?
  3. I've got fully comp insurance on the bike, sickness and disability cover on my Super and gold health insurance. What do TAC offer that I'm not already paying for three times over? And to cap it all I bet if I tried to make a claim they'd all try to weasle out - TAC would claim it's my fault, the Insurance and the Super would say I'm covered on other policies and the health insurance would tell me there's a huge gap payment to make.

    not happy.
  4. I got mine the other day, I haven't the heart to open it yet.

    Couple of beers first.

    Have they got rid of that motorcycle 'safety' levy yet?
  5. oh well... sell your bikes and go play cards.
  6. Reallllly wish I could opt out of TAC coverage. Sigh.
  7. You can. Just don't get caught :)
  8. For my renewal (this is for six months on concession): Registration fee, $9.50, TAC charge including $11.14 GST, $122.50, insurance duty, $12.25.
    So the TAC is almost 13 times the registration fee including GST.
  9. My motorbike rego is within $20 of that for my 4WD.

    Go figure....
  10. I always wondered why CTP isn't done through the license. I mean why do you pay CTP for each vehicle you own when you can only use one vehicle at one time? I mean yes someone else can drive it, but that person (would assume so) would also have a license thus also have CTP. Bloody money hungry system.
  11. Well we all know owning a motorcycle is NOT a way save money.......right?
  12. I think you all need to meet a family member of mine who works in TAC, let him explain it to you. :D You will simply loooooooooooooooooove his response <---- serious sarcasm.
  13. Simple fix: just make the rego ten times higher...that'll even things out.
  14. There's a point. Keep it quiet so they don't jack our rego cost.
  15. I must say I was gawking at how cheap registration would be if I didn't have to pay TAC charge. total of less than 25 bucks I think.
  16. My rego coming up on 500cc is $100ish and then $400 CTP (third party injuries) and in NSW we get absolutely no coverage if we are at fault... go figure!

    Yet on my car I pay $560 greenslip for being under 25 and can cause alot more damage if I hit someone else...

    So yeah if you guys think you have it bad, be glad you arent in NSW!!!
  17. I felt the sting of NSWs system for several years ouch :(
  18. Presumably because it is there to cover more than the driver/rider, but I am only guessing.

    But anyway if we didn't pay as much as we do we probably wouldn't get such high quality ads telling us if we get run into it's our fault.
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  19. Fair point phongus "why dont we pay through our licence and not vehicle". And it was only yesterday I received by renewal <----Insert tantrum over cost. And it was saying you will only pay the extra on one motorbike even if you own several bikes, shouldnt this apply regardless of what vehicle you own or are riding and driving? You can only ride/drive one at a time...oh wait we are talking vicroads :(