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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RussellDP, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. Today I went to my local bike shop. Needed some chain lube, and just to look around. Local shop is an agent for Hyosung, KTM and Triumph.

    Checking bikes out in the yard. Loved the look of the Thruxton, but threw my leg over a Street Triple.

    I was sitting on it realising it was actually quite comfortable when the sales guy offered me the key (it was a demo).

    How bloody difficult it was to say no.....

    Its not the bike for me...part of me knows that, but Im sure I could have ridden it once and given it back?

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  2. dude you should have taken it for a run, I agree they are pretty comfy and have good wind protection if you're about six foot tall.
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  3. Sigh...I know....I am ashamed of myself
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  4. *scolding* bad RussellDPRussellDP :facepalm:
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  5. #5 XJ6N, Jul 2, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2016
    I suppose if chilliman64chilliman64 has started the stacks-on I may as well have a go too.

    RussellRussell, it's time to look in the mirror and take one of those long, hard looks at yourself. How utterly selfish of you for not (a) taking the Striple for a demo ride and, (b) impulse-buying it on the spot. How are people like poor SteveSteve going to justify a Daytona to themselves in the long, dark hours before dawn if you're going down to dealers and successfully exercising willpower, refusing keys when the sales people wave them in your face?! I ask you, hm?

    I'm glad you've used this thread as a dirty confessional though. There are a lot us here who rely on each other to psychologically enable our habit and I can tell you that this sort of responsible, iron-minded behaviour isn't welcome when it comes to motorcycles. I think I speak for most everyone on the matter. Very disappointed.
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  6. lol at 'dirty confessional'
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  7. whenever someone offers to let me ride a bike:
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  8. Give yourself an upper cut son, you know you want to ride it, alternatively, you may find these some use
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  9. Im so sorry to have let the side down. I feel like my membership should be immediately revoked. I took a long hot shower last night and somehow still felt dirty...
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  10. Look, all will be forgiven and put right if next time you have such an offer...well, you know what to do. =D You'll need a long cold shower after that.
  11. dude, it was a free ride, no obligation, free, what could go wrong? hahahahahaha

    you need to go back there and grab those keys and cane that fker if you truly seek redemption. as far as showering is concerned I think I speak for the MONR (Men Of Netrider) when I say we couldn't care less about your personal hygiene. :cool:

    Andrew WestAndrew West, please post that baggie of HTFU powder
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  12. Did you mention that it was free?:wacky::wacky:
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  13. yes I think I did, a no obligation/free test ride - who doesn't like free stuff? :wtf:
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  14. In my defense.....

    I work at a car dealership. Dealing with tyre kickers every day....

    I know, I know.....im just trying to justify my thinking....
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  15. And to be fair....i hope the MONR dont care about my personal hygiene.

    The ladies however.....
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  16. I'm in the motor industry also. what a difference between m/c dealerships and passenger cars. in a car dealership you almost have to give a blood sample to get a test drive especially if it's a performance model - with bikes they are throwing the keys at you, more so when it's a performance model, as they know you will fall in love with it and be a good chance to buy.
  17. Shouldn't tell you.....but...... The Striple is nothing but fun...... bucket loads of it.
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  18. Whats your role in the game mate?
  19. Oh be quiet....I knew it would be
  20. I'm a rep but have worked with dealership staff for 20yrs