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Temptation to ride my dad's K7

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slicko, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. last weekend i took my dad to sydney city motorcycle. :grin:
    the plan was to test ride as many bike as possible so he can pick which one he likes tthe most. after just riding a 2007 GSXR-1000K7 he made up his mind and made the deal.

    firstly i liked this bike ever since it came out and because im only a P-plater i have no choice but to wait till i get off my restrictions. :cry: (Bike will be here wednesday)

    I ask - should i or shouldnt i take the bike for a spin? what are the pros and con?
  2. your dad will castrate you? :LOL: :LOL:
  3. pros - hell of a lot of fun (i would guess)
    something cool to say you have done

    cons - possible loss of license if caught
    possibly not experienced enough to ride the bike
    resulting in crash causing dmg to self and bike
  4. Had this discussion so many times before....

    Worst case scenario is if you stack into a Porsche. Since insurance won't cover you, they'll probably bankrupt you or your dad for repaires.
  5. Go ahead - ask him. Just go easy on the fun handle
    Who knows, if you dont scratch it he might even let you go out again one day...
  6. Two words
  7. Stack it... no insurance cover!
    Plus not sure what the NSW regulations are on over capacity riding.

    Here in VIC it is a $116 dollar fine. No points. (This is on a restricted full licence).

    As you are on your P's you have two extra issues.

    One you can only go 90kph and second, not sure how the graduated driver scheme affects you on a bike.

    In short. Unless you get it on a private road. Don't bother.
  8. Depends what your willing to risk.....
    cons: you bin it and your duley castrated for it.
    Pros: you have the ride of your life and have a school girl smile on your face :twisted:
  9. the thing that bothers me is. i got my dad to riding i convinced him that riding is fun and challenging thats why he went and got his license. but because he's over 30 sumfing he doesnt need to go on his p's.
    so technically i got more riding experience than him. that sux :mad:
  10. Well, found the legislation.

    If you are on your P's. Over capacity bike is 4 points

    Clause 56 (in respect of a condition under clause 15 (4) (c))
    Not comply with P1 (class R) restriction on capacity/power
    4 Points. And fine (so they say) is up to 20 Penalty points ($2200).

    So pretty hefty!!

    Source was:

    Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulation 1999
    Road Transport (Penalty Notice Offences) Regulation 2002


  11. :eek: damn thats a lot of dosh! :shock:

    well i might just go over and sit on it then imagine im riding in the twisties =P~
  12. hmmm if my son asked, my answer would be NO. As an "older" person I tend to look at waiting for something a little differently to a "younger" person. Having said that I have ridden a CR1000R and a Ducati paul Smart 1000 on my L's :wink:
  13. You might slip in the shower on a bar of soap, land on your neck and become a vegtable you know. Point is you should never shower.


  14. hahaha!!! :rofl: i like that. not sure what to do.

    maybe up and down the street :wink:
  15. Dont do it, the things that could go wrong are crazy, you may have more experience than your dad, but that doesnt mean something cant go wrong, and if something goes wrong, bend over, hug your knees and bite onto something hard, cause youll be f###ed :LOL:
  16. Did you really need to post up on here with a question like that? Course the answer was gonna be 50/50!

    You know youre gonna ride it first chance you get. We know it too. Dont be a fu$kwit on it and you should be fine. If you are gonna be a fu%kwit on it, either organise a funeral now or make sure you got plenty of anal lube in the cupboard at home. :LOL:
  17. treat the bike with respect, and treat every other road user like they are trying to kill you (doubly more than usual) and you'll be fine. just make sure you know what is at stake if you get caught/binnit. dont ride it at night, chanes of RBT are massivly increased.
    in fact why bother really? you cant have fun on a 1000 in town. its an effort to keep it legal. riding a 250 around town can actually be fun
  18. don't ride it. cause after that, getting back on your cbrr250 will be the wort feeling ever. I rode my mates ninja 636 around the block the other week...now my across feels like a push bike :(
  19. WTF, bollocks.

    I regularly ride between my R1 (170 RWHP) and CBR 250. Whilst the other has bags more power, I get just as much enjoyment from the 250.

    Only issue is overtaking on twisties. No power left from the 250.

    They are different beasts. At least you can cane the 250 through traffic. And you feel like your motogp'ing it. :LOL:
  20. Just stick it on C mode and bobs your uncle

    nah dun do it not worth the risk