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Temporary protection for fairing when practicing?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jawntybull, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. I recently bought a nice shiny 2nd hand GS500F - I wanted the fairing for touring, but it's a liability when practicing. I'm booked in for the MOST soon, and am practicing in a carpark... but have nearly dropped it twice. Has anyone got any tips for protecting the fairing whilst I'm doing slow speed practicing? Not keen on Oggys as they require holes to be drilled in the fairing of the GS500F...
    All ideas welcome! Anyone tried, for example, practicing on grass??

  2. Either

    A) Dont drop it.
    8) Take fairing off and practice.

    You would be surprised at how easy the fairing comes off.
  3. Gaffa on some pillows. :LOL:

    Get an engineering shop to work up a set of training wheels?! :LOL:

    :)-k actually, that's not as silly as it sounds... look up emergency braking or ABS vids on youtube - there are a few with outriggers)

    No seriously, +1 bambam.
  4. but the outrigger from my dragon boat tends to drag too much...

  5. I'd just take the fairing off :)

    When I practice slow speed stuff I can do it fine but when I'm doing it for real I feel like I'm still praticing and I'm gonna drop it...
  6. Install the oggys, holes or no holes. You *will* drop this bike, whether now as you practice or later due to a brain fart, inexperience, unexpected circumstances or whatever.
  7. ^^^^^^
    +1 Install the oggy knobs. You won't notice the hole in your fairings but you will notice the scratches and cracks when you eventually drop it.
  8. question about oggys.

    Is there a potential they will make the crash worse?

    I'd imagine the bike hitting something solid like an oggy as it went along would make the bike liable to spin on the ground, as opposed to sliding..

    hmm. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing :)
  9. Yes!! That's why a lot of riders, myself included, install them. :roll:
  10. Dont worry about it mate, its a Suzuki, all the Suzuki owners here think they are gods gift to riders so they are un breakable, youll be right
  11. Definitely they could make the crash worse. Oggys are designed to protect your frame from drop or a low speed slide. If you were to slide out at high speed, aside from the fact that you're fuc$ed, the oggys could potentially dig in to the surface and cause the bike to flip. Therefor making the crash worse.

    Alot of people seem to think oggys are there to protect your fairings. Stack a bike at speed and i can guarantee you your fairing will be fuc$ed. Oggys or no oggys.
  12. Hmmmm. I've heard both sides of the oggy argument before: To oggy or not to oggy? :?

    I've heard for example, that oggys are particularly bad for unfaired bikes such as the VTR250 because they can cause dents to parts of the bike. On the other hand I was also discouraged from putting them onto my bike, and she's faired.

    A tad confusing, methinks. I've done some research about it but have come up with conflicting results. Should I oggy Peaches?


  13. whats an oggy?
  14. oggy knobs are a brand of crash knobs that are designed to protect your frame, engine cases and etcetcetc

    or the alternative is to use
    [​IMG] :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. ah thanks dude.

    bubble wrap, not just good for popping
  16. thanks guys - sort of helpful ?!?? I've now decided that my fairing is there to protect the really important parts of the bike, so if it gets a few scratches its just doing its job! Anyway, Plastex and touch up paint sound less hassle...


    PS love the bubble wrap - what about wrapping it around yourself as well, as extra protection for the rider in the event of a crash? Particularly your head, as it's the most delicate part...
  17. I would tend to disagree with you there. The fairing won't provide much protection at all. Any hit hard enough to hurt the bike components will easily ruin the fairing.

    In terms of whether the Oggy knobs can do more damage or not, I saw a GSXR1000 that had a bad crash at the island and the frame was bent right where the oggy knob attached. When it landed all the force went through the knob bent the frame instead of dispersing it across the whole bike.

    Perhaps this means the bike was destined to be a write off anyway. It was such high speed that the knobs certainly didn't help at all, but at that speed nothing would have helped. The question is whether it made things worse or not. Possibly.

    It seems possible that they are most useful to just keep the fairing off the ground if your stand collapses or if you have a gentle low side. Not that I'm an expert or anything, just my observations.
  18. Whether or not Oggy knobs will make crash damage worse I'm unsure of.
    They are designed for low speed falls. They can potential save you a lot of money on parts that would have otherwise hit the deck.

    I had an off at Eastern Creek last week on a bike with Oggy's installed. I estimate my speed to be around 80kph. The bike slid a good 20 metres on the tarmac. The oggy was ground down quite a way. The bike sustained damage to the gear lever (bent), Barends (as always), middle fairing and exhaust. Without the Oggy's it would have been a lot worse as more of the bike would have been in contact with the ground. They are a good investment especially if you are only starting out in your riding.