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NSW Temporary NSW Interstate visitor from SA..

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Darcus2, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. I wonder if anyone has had any experience with this. I know there have been other similar posts on the forums saying that if you move to NSW, after three months you 'have' to get an NSW licence. Does anyone know if that applies in my case, read on..

    I've been living in SA for five years, but do contract work from time to time in Sydney. I consider SA my home. At the moment I'm up in Sydney for a four to six months contract - the company currently have me in hotel accommodation, after which I will be heading back to SA. I'd love to get the bike transported up here and use it without having to change my licence, address etc.

    I've spoken on the phone and into the RTA both in SA and NSW and there does not seem to be any clear definition for a 'temporary interstate visitor' only people 'moving' to NSW or 'International visitors'. When I spoke to the RTA they verbally said to stay on my SA licence for the duration I am here and not to change to NSW as I'm only a temporary resident to NSW. But I'm here over three months - I just don't want to get pulled over and told differently, fined, points etc later on.

    I'm amazed how confusing this all is and as I say, there does not seem no be any clear definition on line or when talking to RTA. Surley they should just adopt a standard for all states?! Hope someone out there can help or if anyone has been through this I'd be interested to hear your experiences regarding this matter.

    Cheers - Darcus2
  2. This whole different state rego/licence/road rules thing shits me to tears.

    If you ever get pulled over, just tell them you go home to SA every few months. How are they going to know?
  3. I would be keeping the SA license and just tell them that you are only in NSW for a couple of months.

    That's what I did when I moved from WA to VIC years ago.
  4. So long as you have a permanent SA address and this is what it says on your license you can visit NSW as long as you want and remain on the SA license. Only if your permanent address changes to NSW do you need to get an NSW license after 3 months.
  5. +1 to PeterZx9, you are not a resident of NSW or intending to become a resident of NSW your SA license and reg is fine. If they query it say you are protected under Section 92 of the Australian Constitution Requiring free trade between the states. :)
  6. Thanks for the advice guys - safe riding!

  7. Tell them you're in NuSowsWhales for the weekend - you got here Yesterday and you're leaving for home the day after Tomorrow. How are they going to know any different? If they can point to a piece of paper or data - you come up and go back all the time.

    The only time it can get sticky - I think - is when you have to renew your rego.
  8. I go back and forth between ACT and NSW and spend just about equal time in both, i have an ACT drivers license now, because its far more awesome for P platers compared to NSW. When ever i get stopped in NSW and they question it i just say, im up visiting family and friends, they have no way to prove im doing anything but.

    However they do get suspicious because both my car, and at the moment by bike, are registered in NSW.

    But yea, if i was you, stick with the license that provides you with the cheapest rego/insurance and such, and just tell the police your visiting friends and family when they ask.
  9. Probably would be best to put the request in an email to the RTA and see what response you get. If you like it print it, if you dont delete it and tell whoever asks that you have been here less than 3 months.
  10. In WA, it was once you have a permanent address or a job you had to get your licence transferred, even tho mine had 'Australia' printed across the top.