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Temporary Insurance...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Haysey, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Hey All,

    Buying a bike from interstate tomorrow (trailering it down) and Id love to put some insurance on it for a few days, ive just called a few companies and no one will touch it till it has rego on it (interstate rego cancelled)....

    Anyone know where i can get a cover note for a few days till its registered next week??



  2. Dunno, can't imagine any places would be keen to do it.

    I bought my bike back from QLD.
    Rode it home on the weekend, while the previous owners rego and insurance still covered everything.

    Then he cancelled all that and I got the rego transferred to me.

    Trailering it??
    See if your car insurance/3rd party prop will cover it.
    Otherwise, don't worry - just be careful til it's in your name and insured.
  3. Look for a company that insures unregistered vehicles for motorsport. I had an insurance broker who said he'd be able to do it for me, but I never ended up needing it so I don't know which company he was talking about.
  4. Ktulu, not many places are keen, and if they are its expensive!

    Ill speak to the owner tomorrow and see if he has or is able to leave any insurance on it for a couple of days till next week...

    Good idea about the car insurance... Ill phone them...

    Otherwise its living in the house for a few days!

    Turnip - Any hints on the right direction at all? A few of the big names do it but theres alot of companies
  5. I notice on the CAMS website that Shannons and OAMPS Insurance brokers are sponsors, which would make me think they'd be likely to deal with motorsport.

    You could also try Accord Insurance Brokers on 0892278837, but they're Perth based and mightn't be any help.
  6. I would think that an extension of your car insurance to cove whatever is being towed would be the best bet. Your not towing a motorbike....your towing parts. Thats the line i'd be using.
  7. Most insurance companies will only insure the trailer and a certain amount of goods carried in the trailer...

    Im going to insure the bike with QBE for $1500pa but they need rego

    I just phoned NRMA and they will cover the bike for 21 days with just a VIN number.... Although if something happens its going to cost the full $3800 insurance estimate! OUCH

    Although its expensive, its better than NOTHING

    Any more suggestions netriders?
  8. Well i just started as a broker, and i can tell you not many will want to touch it. Most will require rego. If i was you, i'd trailer it.... Otherwise that NRMA deal sounds good. Or give shannons a call and see what they can do.

    What sort of bike is it? And how old are you?
  9. Ring the Insurance Ombudsman Service. They will be able to tell you of insurers that cover unregistered vehicles in transit.

    1300 78 08 08