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Temporary Forums Closure - Wednesday 16th Feb

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. At this stage, it is planned that on Tuesday 15th Feb we will be moving the Netrider website to our new server. This move will be seamless to all users, with the exception of the forums which will need to be temporarily closed for a period of time that will be different for each user (see why below). This is necessary to ensure continuity of the forums database (new posts etc.) during the move.

    Here's what you can expect with the forums ...
    1. On Tuesday (probably afternoon) when the new server is all ready to go, the forums will be closed and you'll see a message of "Sorry, but this board is currently unavailable. Please try again later."

    2. A DNS instruction will be submitted (known as DNS propagation) to inform your ISP's DNS server that netrider.net.au is now on a different server. Depending upon your ISP's configuration, it could take anywhere between approx. 4hrs and 24hrs for your ISP to receive this change notification.

    3. Once your ISP has received the new location for Netrider, your browser will then come to the new server with the forums being open.

    All other areas of the Netrider website (calendar, links directory, ask vic|deb, membership, etc.) will continue to work fine during the server move time period, and you won't even notice any change.

    Our thanks to everyone for your patience during our recent server problems and it's expected/hoped that our move to a new server will ensure that Netrider is better, faster, and stronger and that we won't have any further outages of this nature again.

    We have some exciting new areas/sections of the Netrider website currently under development too, which we hope to be able to release very shortly.

  2. Re: Temporary Forums Closure - Tuesday 15th Feb

    Areas not area's.
    Big spanking coming your way.
  3. Re: Temporary Forums Closure - Tuesday 15th Feb

    Kinky bastard ;)
  4. Looking forward to the change over. Thanks for the warning in advance. Fingers crossed it all works out O.K
  5. Don't worry we are getting used to the forums being unavailable lately ;)
  6. hint....
    try hitting the RELOAD or REFRESH button/icon on your browser
    to overcome ISP caching...

  7. Of course whilst holding down your CTRL key
  8. Am I going to lose my post count again? There's a lot of comfort in being "regular". My wife gets freaked out if people refer to me as a lurker. And I'm too much of an old fart to go back to being a newbie.
  9. No
  10. This won't be occurring today due to a delay in getting details of our database server. Hopefully it will go ahead tomorrow.
  11. All set to go, and this will be occurring today
  12. If you are reading this, then the move for the entire Netrider website to our new server is complete, and this discussion forum is once again fully operational.
  13. I'm first one here! :D

    I cheated though, my DNS hasn't updated yet :p

    PS - thanks Jase for your hard work getting it up and running. 4:30am finish - now that's what I call commitment :)
  14. strange... when using firefox I can access the forums. When using IE it still shows forums unavailable...
  15. my ISP = Ozemail..browser = Mozilla
    been refreshing the cache since 09.00 this morning
    every ½hr or so
    and here I am...finally
    well done mouth..back online... :D
  16. Great work peoples :)
  17. Welcome back guys I missed you all!
  18. iiNet now :)
  19. Is it my imagination or are the forums not lagging and running much quicker?
  20. Not your imagination smee, although I can't remember where this site was hosted before, it was overseas, and now it's hosted in Melbourne. Much much much faster