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Temporary Citizen

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by damo03, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Saw this guy while driving home from uni about a week ago. He must think he is Valentino Rossi. He was giving his bike all it had (it wasn't very quick) and tailgating the toyota 4x4 all the way up to the traffic lights and from the lights up to about 80kph which was pretty damn stupid as he wouldn't have been able to see through the tinting. No gloves either.

    I thought I'd get my "camera" out and take a photo, as I couldn't believe anyone could do somany silly things.


  2. why are you in your car.... get out and ride man :nopity:
  3. i think this guy can be put neatly under the headings of:

    yet to learn about protective gear.

    Yet to realise how hard the back of a motorcar is.
  4. Why are you taking picture while you are driving?
    Are you not aware of the new road laws?
  5. I rode my bike back from the mechanic like that, just this afternoon.

    All 100 metres of it.

    I felt naked.

    It was liberating.

  6. Damo, You don't have many friends, do you?
  7. Not now, no.
  8. I hope you include this in your definition of atgatt:


    Edit: Aw shit, no gloves...
  9. You'll need that gear, Deadsy, when summer this hits!

    (It's also good atgatt against the secret World Government!)
  10. Yeah I knew it would be controversial. I didn't think the guys who ride without protective gear would like it. I've got nothing against people not wearing protective gear. It's their life, but if you had seen the way this guy was riding, he was just asking to be wiped out. I'd feel sorry for the ambo's that have to scrape him off the road.

    P.S...If a coppa wants to book me for taking a picture while "driving",stopped at the lights, with the handbrake on, engine switched off then go for it. But I think they'll be more concerned about getting the "L plater". But hey, I'm a hypocrate :)
  11. Get used to seeing more of this during the summer months ahead.
    Each to his own.
    PS: You stop at lights with handbrake on and engine switched off :-s??
  12. If you're going to squid, the least you can do is carry an organ donor card. ;)

    He could be a hypermiler. :-k
  13. Comments like these make me wonder if you're a TAC troll.

    He wouldn't give a sh!t, you're not parked in a legitimate space.

    Behave yourself newbie. You have much to learn before you go giving the rest of us lectures.

  14. :-s i was thinking the same thing

    it uses more fuel you know...
  15. Really? How long do you have to keep a car off to offset the amount it takes to start it? Anybody know?
  16. You have a leaf under your wiper.
  17. It's not exactly parked either.
    Cops would still book the OP and he can argue till he was blue in the face.
    Ah well noobs who don't ride by the look of it.
  18. Only when taking pics :)
  19. Fallacy ad hominem; and QuarterWit wears excellent gear, head to foot.

    You should send that picture into ACA (with some video).
  20. Thankyou, Matthew. Thinking about the gear I wear these days - I'm Mr ATGATT lately eh?