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Temporary Australians

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ultram, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Not sure if I like the title but there is a new Australian TV show starting on Channel 31

    Here is a preview

    Starts March 6 at 9.30pm (In Melbourne, not sure about other states)

    Looks like it might be interesting

    Edit : Also looks like it wont embed, link should still work

  2. Re: Temporary Australians

    awesome, looks great! thanks for the heads up..
  3. Re: Temporary Australians

    Looks interesting, I'll give it a watch when it's on.
  4. Re: Temporary Australians

    Man that dialogue was so stilted, looks like it was written and shot in the 90s or something
  5. Re: Temporary Australians

    I actually thought the dialogue was pretty good for a Channel 31 show.
  6. Re: Temporary Australians

    I expect that the dialogue will improve with time.

    Good to see someone introducing the general public to the joys of bike riding.
  7. I hope it goes well for them although I'm not too crazy about the title..
  8. It's a start I guess. I'll give it a shot at least.
  9. Looks good, but how does one get ch31 on digital tv? I believe it's a no go? any suggestions? cheers
  10. On My HD digital TV its on CH044 = CH 31 picks it up NP .
  11. 31 has gone digital, just rescan the channels on your set top box or TV and it should come up as channel 44. I don't know why it's not on channel 31 though.
  12. Will give it a try, cheers!
  13. For those who are interested a reminder the program starts at 9.30pm tonight
  14. Ok so far...
  15. I enjoyed that (mostly). That guy with one arm was awesome. I didn't relies Brendan nealson was so into bikes.
  16. Yep, I would watch that again. It was good to see a few of our politicians making positive comments and out supporting the causes.
  17. i cant get this channel down in Wollongong .. anywhere i can watch this now ???
  18. Nice to have this sort of show to watch...
  19. I just checked their youtube channel, but, the full episode isn't up there. Why don't you ask them on their facebook page?

    don't worry, I see you already have.
  20. Someone thew this link last night at me, give it a go