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temporary Australian

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MONKEYMAN, May 29, 2011.

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    i never ride without a camera these days. am a daily all weather commuter. bit of a pita when you have to constantly download/delete, but theres just too many dangerous drivers out there, can't afford not to have footage if neccessary.

    so yeah, over the years, well, nothing cagers do suprises me anymore. they just amaze me with wonderment at how remarkably dumb they are.

    this fellow i captured last weekend :-s

  2. unbelieveable

    (nice footage btw)
  3. Wow :eek:
    It looked like Santa at first.
  4. Bloody hell!!! ......Ok NOW I've seen it all
  5. I thought exactly the same thing. Turns out uses a ladder and not reindeer after all, my kids are going to be disappointed. Way to go Santa.
  6. That is just incredible. Zero road toll phfft. How do you save people from themselves.
  7. The sleigh must be in for a Service too.
    He still uses reindeer, though I heard a rumour there's some Industrial Action happening. They seem to disputing wages and conditions. They don't consider themselves "seasonal workers because they train all year"
  8. And he put you at risk of a rear ender.... A cager following you that turnoff might have been going 'wtf?' Bang, crash, tinkle, tinkle 'WTF!'
  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaand shared to Facebook.

    What a chump.
  10. .... what's wrong with you guys!,.... he is being safety conscious...:-w

    he was making sure his load was tied down safely... and he even had his emergency lights on too!!!......

    What more could he possibly do To be a more caring and concerned road user.......:eek:

  11. Hi-Vis vest and he'd be ok.
  12. .... Fluoro??..... Wash your fecking mouth out!.... :LOL:
  13. True. He's giving all ladder users a bad name.
  14. But not without the twenty or thirty traffic cones
  15. And the drop of speed limit down to 40km/h as well...
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  18. damnit i meant "related" ah well :D
  19. Brilliant ''

    If He Was in Victoria climbing up a ladder would be part of the hooning law