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{Temporarily moved to The Pub} motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by rat man407, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. so what is the best way to get a motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    basically I'm about to finish my HSC in a few months, i been working in ANZ bank as a teller one day a week for the last 2 years and i can't stand it my current boss is more then willing to give me a good rep.
    so i want to try and get a motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    any advice or help with be greatly appreciated
  2. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    Go to Uni.
  3. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    i think you need some more of that port and go back to your own thread

    uni in not really something i could do
  4. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    so why bike mechanics ? Do you have any experience ?
  5. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    i have done a Tafe course in car mechanics and i have always played with my bike, cars pretty much anything that had a motor plus have done work exp at a few shops but there always seem to have just hired apprentices before i do work exp

    and as for why i don't really know it just something i have always wanted to do i think it is my inquisitive nature that most wants me to do it
  6. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    Go for it,if you want it bad enough-it will happen
  7. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    i trying to it just that nothing seems to work been trying for the last year and the close i have come was an interview most of the other guys never even call
  8. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    The realism of the job is-you work on ****ed shit boxes for an unappreciative boss for minimum wage.You work all your life to survive--then you retire with bugger all.

    It aint all beer and skittles boy.
  9. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    yeah i know that

    for the passion rather then the pay
  10. Why not go into a parts interpreter job as a start? As it'll teach you about every lil part ?
  11. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    because it is even harder to find parts interpreter jobs and i would probably go nut being behind the desk again
  12. Hah! My local shop was chasing one for the past 2 months up until a week back ...just start calling n hassling every bike shop you find in the phonebook man - cant hurt
  13. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    i will
  14. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    Don't become a mechanic. Unless you're happy living on diddly squat $$ forever.

    Why can't you go to Uni? Hell, the immigrants from other nations that cannot speak English come over here and give it a crack and walk away as Doctor's, what's your excuse?
  15. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    did not get an atar and after 12 years of school **** doing any more and i'm happy living on shit all
  16. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    12 years of school is nothing much. 6 years of that you were too young to even care. The final 6 years is where the care factor starts to sink in. Also you may say that you are happy to live off shit all money now, but when you have to pay your own way, expect to be a hermit, staying home most of the time while your friends go out, travel and enjoying young adult life. However if you really like it, then go for it.
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    Walk into bike shops and introduce yourself. Not going to happen any other way.

  18. At $120 an hour they are sippin' piña coladas around the pool !
  19. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    Don't set it off, DON'T SET IT OFF!

    Too late. I think you just set it off.
  20. Re: motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship

    do you think you could run your own business? do a motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship for 4 years while living with your parents to get heaps of experience, qualified and save up a bit of money, do tonnes of research, make up a good solid business pitch, go get a loan from a bank, and start up a mobile motorcycle mechanic business.