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Templemonkey down but not out

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by templemonkey, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I got t-boned going through an intersection in South Melbourne tonight. I am OK apart from some bruising and abrasion (dismounted over the cars bonnet) but according to the paramedics my bike is a write off (last I saw of it before my head was immobilised the bike was wedged underneath the car)

    Had an interesting evening at the Alfred before being given the all clear for an early discharge.

    At home researching public transport

    :D :D :D
  2. Pray tell more. Were you first off at the lights (I'm always cautious of being poll position at an intersection.)

    Glad too hear you were well enough to be let home. (Good staff at The Alfred.)

    What were you riding??
  3. Farknell.
    At least u r typing and have your humour.
    What were the details of your bingle?
  4. Glad to hear your ok.. Sorry about your bike though :cry:
  5. Not much to say. I was going straight through the intersection of Park and Clarendon when the lights had changed to amber. The driver was making a right hand turn didnt see me past another car that was turning right from the other direction.

    Just an unfortunate accident - no one was speeding or drunk or lost control.

    My number just came up

    :D :D :D
  6. Very gracious of you, but no.. The unskilled driver was the primary cause.

    It wasn't an accident, because better training could have prevented it.
  7. OH NO!!!!!!

    I'm so sorry to hear :cry: Maybe I should have talked at you longer.....might have saved you from heartache and dealing with all sorts of problems.

    I'm *really* glad to hear you're OK, Neil. That could have been nasty....that's a yuk intersection in daylight.

    :D :D :D
  8. Shit Neil. Sorry to hear....

    Hope you are all okay. Just yell if you need anything.

    All the best.

  9. Ouch, glad to hear you're ok Neil. Shame about your bike. Hope you got the details of the car driver cause sounds like you had the right of way. Hope you hop back on the bike soon :)
  10. Well i guess be thankful you walked away from it (albeit strapped to a transit board in the back of an ambo).

    Spada's are tough little things... she'll bounce right back.
    Just a little gaffa tape here, and a new indicator there. ;)
  11. Neil, sorry to hear about your accident, and what looks like the loss of your bike. Hope you've dealt with the legal stuff, reporting, etc, and that you're insured (or the driver is, more importantly)
    Chin up, buddy, probably should tell all and sundry about what riding gear you were wearing too!!!!
  12. Bloody hell Neil, see you should have stuck around and chatted to me for longer would have save you....singlehandedly might i add.

    great to hear you are doing ok but the aches don't start until at least 12 hours later and peak about 3 days after.
  13. That's no good! Glad to hear you came through it all fine. Even if the Spada is lost sounds like it will be new bike time using someone elses insurance money!! Can't be all bad.

    Take Care
  14. Glad your'e OK. looks like a new bike coming up now.
  15. as long as you are OK... the bike is less important than your helth...

    So are you going up grade with the payout??
  16. What a bugger. Great to hear that you're OK. Keep us informed of progress, eh?
  17. good to hear that your ok! shame about the bike though
  18. Hey all,

    I have the other drivers details and the receipt from the tow truck company that took my bike. I am taking a couple of days off from dealing with the legal stuff - got to figure out this new mobility and medication.

    I have gone from preparing for the Melbourne Marathon and Rowing State Championships to invalid in the space of a few seconds. Still, I am amazingly lucky to come out as well as I did. I have prepared myself for the worst regarding the bike but I have always had a pragmatic view of it. One reason I never named it.

    Thanks all for your kind wishes (and enough of that survivors guilt matt232 and lil)

    :D :D :D
  19. Good to hear you are in good health and spirits Neil. Pass it all to the insurance Co and let them sort it out, but be sure to make it clear you are not the liable party.
  20. Been in the same situation, hidden by a right turning truck making a tangent from my vector and having a oncoming vehicle turn right across in front of me. Luckily I saw him move a little just before passing behind the truck and backed off and covered the brakes, when we both popped out the other side the Blade's brakes proved once again how good they are. hopefully the driver that took you you Neil took a little more responsibility for causing the accident rather than the bloke that start shouting at me.

    So whats the summary of the injuries, starting to sound like its worse than I assumed if you are talking about your mobility?