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Templemonkey down but not out... again!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by templemonkey, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Ah SMIDSY my old adversary, you win again!

    I was travelling down Johnson st in Fitzroy when a P-plater parked on the side of the road decided to try for a U-turn. I managed to wash off most of my speed but still collected the drivers side door and was vaulted from the bike and quite neatly flipped onto her roof. Once she stopped I was then able to step down and wait for the ambulance to arrive (thanks to the helpful bystanders)

    In short, I am practically uninjured (a couple of slight bruises) but the bike looked quite grim. A lot of fairing damage and the front forks were bent - I am expecting it to be a write off.

    The poor kid who hit me was practically hysterical but didn't seem to be hurt.

    Any one you can walk away from eh!

    Q: Does anyone know of a good condition late 90's CBR1000F for sale - I really loved that bike.
  2. Good to hear you got off mostly uninjured. But hell you're a better man than me, I would be ranting and raving etc etc. I wouldn't have even bothered to stop and see how the driver was.

    There are a few early 90's 1000's around but I haven't seen many late 90's.

    Anyways hope you get back on the road soon.
  3. Nearly identical to my off a couple of weeks ago!!

    I too came out reasonable immediately after, even walking my bike(after a young bloke uprighted it) off the road. BUT the 2-3 days after...... I hurt in places I didn't even hit!! The ambo's told me that at the point of impact, a riders muscles are flexed beyond a point you could normally flex, and you pretty much pull or strain them during impact and the rolling/sliding down the road, or in your case, having a little lay down on the roof!!

    good to hear your ok, you'll be back in no time!!!

  4. Update:

    The driver has been charged with making an unsafe U-turn.

    The attending policeman, after interviewing witnesses and hearing descriptions of my rooftop ride, says that I could probably have a decent career as a stuntman.
  5. so if they got charged for rekcless u turning then there insurance will cover ure bike... wont it?
  6. Thats my understanding. Of course, my own insurance rating is still going to suffer.
  7. Glad you came out of it OK, sounds like it would've been quite spectacular to watch.

    You might want to try Movin's tip:

  8. Yep, onto that one already. Thanks for the heads-up though!
  9. Eh?! It was someone elses fault. They have been charged. If their insurance company is going to be paying up then your insurance rating shouldn't be affected at all.

    Unless you have some weird-arsed policy that penalises you no matter what?
  10. I am pretty ignorant about the workings of insurance - I just pay for it and hope that I if I dont pay it any attention I will never need it!

    Maybe my rating wont be affected but I still need to notify my insurance company.
  11. I 'm pretty sure Dale is right; if the accident was the other driver's fault, then his/her policy covers all damage and your policy situation remains unchanged.
  12. That depends on your insurance company. Some companies will want to know all accidents you have, regardless of who's at fault. It doesn't usually affect your rating/premium/etc, but they like to know about it. Other companies will only want to know about the at fault incidents.

    Then again of course, if you prefer to let your insurance company sort out the repairs and dealings with the other insurance company (which is part of what they're there for) then by all means give them a call and let loose their dogs onto them. :grin:
  13. Glad you are still on two feet, not good about the bike, hope it works out ok on your insurance.
  14. Fark mate... keep those peepers peeled!

    Glad to read you're ok bro. Hope it all resolves quickly!

    [img:33:22:f035714eb3]http://users.pandora.be/eforum/emoticons4u/angels/Angel_anim.gif[/img:f035714eb3][img:42:23:f035714eb3]http://users.pandora.be/eforum/emoticons4u/angels/biggrinangelA.gif[/img:f035714eb3]I think someone's looking after ya! [img:42:23:f035714eb3]http://users.pandora.be/eforum/emoticons4u/angels/biggrinangelA.gif[/img:f035714eb3][img:29:29:f035714eb3]http://users.pandora.be/eforum/emoticons4u/angels/newangel.gif[/img:f035714eb3]
  15. Glad you walked away from it.
    Now there's a P-plater who's learnt a lesson. :p

    Hope you find the perfect ride to replace your other one.

    Oh, and car surfing is waaay more dangerous than motorbike riding, but hey, each to their own. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Jeepers, Neil! This is not good news at all! Glad your OK, but its a shame about your bike, especially as you hadn't had it all that long (and you obviously really liked it!).

    I hope the wait isn't as long this time.....
  17. You are able to name the responible party, typically, you don't suffer any penalties as your in-sewer-ants company will go the responsible party.

    But, as mentioned, if you have some crappy insurer.....
  18. Ahh man sad to hear your beast went down.
    At least you were in a position to walk away from it.

    Take care out there.
  19. WOW!!!
    I'm so glad you're ok, and that you've got no broken bones!
    Hopefully this p plater has learnt to LOOK!!

    So sorry to hear your bike is smashed though, but at least a) the driver has been charged & b) you're alive!
  20. That really does suck, still as you said at least you walked away.