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Temperamental left indicator

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ards, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. just rode my zzr250 for the 1st time this arvo. Was super excited cause it was a tad wet during the day and i though i wouldn't get a go...

    anyways i just bought it on tue night, a '98 zzr250, and while riding today the left indicator seems to only want to work when it wants to. The bike has 40k on it, so its had its fair share of use, but i read some other people's experiences like carver who seemed to have similar left indicator problems (don't have enough posts to PM you all yet) Is it common/ easy to fix? or do i have to go out and buy a new box for the left handle bar??

    If it is the flasher can/relay, where would i find that?

    anyways gotta be brief, want to have another ride before it gets dark... how good is summer!!!


  2. Mine was all corroded. Maybe take the indicator off and check the connection.
  3. I would suspect the connectors from the indicator to the rest of the bike wiring. is it the front/rear/both? does the indicator flash really quickly sometimes?

    if remove the fairing on the left side, you'll see the plug coming from indicator. clean it, make sure it's not wet etc (or corroded as flipper said :) )
  4. howdy ards,
    would be a fair bet your suffering the same issue i described.

    happened to my '92 ZZR250, after i'd added 40k to the clock.
    (coincidence, maybe not, relays have number of operations life-expectancy)

    the flasher can relay is behind fairing under seat on the right (dexter) side of the bike.

    difficult to purchase a new one with the same shape (form factor).
    however you can get a second hand one from the wreckers for about $10.

    my solution was to buy a new one (different shape)
    and just leave it dangling in the (under seat) tool tray with the wires connected.

    don’t waste time or money replacing the control switch,
    although the left (sinister) indicator is exhibiting the problem,
    this is due to the difference in wiring resistance for the left circuitry.

    Left alone, the flasher can will deteriorate, and eventually the right will cease to function.
  5. was not aware of this requirement?
    how many posts you gotta have before PM?

    (guess admin added this requirement after recent spamming to PM incident)
  6. I've had that exact problem on my '95 zzr250, on that day with the huge downpour of rain. Right indicator worked no problems, but my left indicator started to act up. It would 'click' into place, but the lights would not indicate. However, if you really pulled that lever hard enough to the left, 'eventually' the indicator would work.

    I was going to open it up the next day to see if I could fix it, but it was fine after it was dry. It hasn't happened again yet, but I can summise that it was probably some sort of short somewhere in the lever switch itself.