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temperamental is she(er, the spada, that is)!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by twainharte, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. riding back home after a cruise through the national park i was going up a hill doing about 80 clicks and as i used the throttle to increase my speed alittle more i felt loss of power, ever so briefly. this happened twice in quick succession.

    kinda scared me somewhat cus for a brief moment i remembered my little incident a cple of yrs back in cali. on a dark and lonely highway when the timing belt of the subi i was driving decided to break.

    anyhoo, got to a giveway section a little after and stopped for traffic and the bike cut out! tried to start it: thumbed start- nothing. can feel the traffic behind me mount. used the choke, thumbed start- again, nothing. after my 3rd or 4th attempt with the choke midway, success.

    there has been a few times where the bike has cut out after a decent ride. fyi:tank had petrol in it in all instances and i don't thrash the bike from lights.

    anybody know what might be going on:

    1) with the loss of power as a used the throttle?

    2) why she cuts-out every now and then?

    thanks, in advance...
  2. what fuel do you use?

    when was your last oil change?
  3. 2 things off the top of my head.

    Valve clearance. Mine was doing the same, got the valves done, sweet as.

    Also don't use premium unleaded on the Spada. Tends to gunk stuff up if your'e using her for city traffic. Unleaded is much better.
  4. i use regular unleaded only.

    my last oil/oil filter change was 02 june of this yr.

    the last time it had a major service, 09 march '05, the 'valve clearance' was checked(whatever that means?), as indicated in the receipt i obtained from the previous owner.
  5. Air filter? plugs? leads? Was it raining?
  6. I have noticed, since last week's big rains, that my spada is not so happy. Methinks water got where it shouldn't have and now she doesn't always start. For example, each morning I warm her up in the back yard then bring her out the front onto the driveway. I remove keys to lock house etc then when I try to restart her, she won't play. It takes a few variations of neutral vs clutch in to get her happy and going again. I don't know what the problem is, but it makes me wish I had a garage to put her in when it's raining torrents.

    Kaer - are you serious re: premium unleaded? I use Shell Optimax whenever I can (she seems to love it), but if you say it's gunky, then I'll take your advice save myself an extra $1.50 each time I fill up.
  7. Flashfire, my bike sometimesdoes the same thing when left in the rain for extended periods. WD-40, if I could I'd marry the stuff. :LOL: give everything a bit of a spray after rain before the first start and you should have no probs. Better yet, get a decent tarp to cover your baby with over night. Prevention's probably better than cure in this instance. :D
  8. twainharte,

    I had this problem with my bike too (VT250 - Same engine). The problem was the diaphram in the fuel cock.
    I believe it works by a vaccume - the diaphram gets sucked up to allow fuel through. In mine it was stuffed and getting stuck blocking fuel to the engine.
    I had the same symptoms at you and that was the problem.
    Maybe have your fuel tap looked at.
  9. Thanks Seany! :)
  10. I agree, this is worth checking.

    Strongly disagree. It depends on the type of premium fuel you are using. If you are using one which relies on additives for octane boost (eg Shell Optimax) then yes, smaller engines can run poorly. If you use a fuel that relies on extra refinement for octane boost (eg Mobil 8000) then the engine will run much better than on regular unleaded.

    Some carby rejetting may be necessary in some cases but grey Spadas are designed to run on 100 Octane fuel, the best we have in Australia is 98.

    Flashfire, when you say nothing happened when you hit the starter, did you mean no reaction or that it just didnt catch?
  11. I meant that it didn't catch. Just kept turning.
    I'm getting her serviced in 2 weeks so if there is anything major wrong, I'll soon find out!
  12. Had a similar thing happen once in a car.

    That was the alternator not chargeing.

    As the battery went flat in faltered in fits and starts.

    I could have sworn it was fuel!
  13. Could be battery not delivering enough voltage for a reliable spark, fouled spark plugs, oil condensate choking off the air filter (some problems I have had with my bike that showed similar symptoms to yours)
  14. If it happens again, open the filler cap. If you notice that there appears to be a vacuum suction effect or that air appears to rush in then there may be a breather blockage and air isn't getting into the tank to replace the fuel going out.

    If that's the case, try starting it immediately after that and it'll be OK. You'll need to get it looked at - There's a one way valve in the breather on some Hondas that can stick, it's not common but can happen. I don't know if it's true of the Spada - I'll need to check it.

    It certainly sounds very much like a fuel supply problem. If it's turning the starter over it's not electrical (of course you might have left the kill switch on :LOL: )