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Tempe Recreation Reserve - Nice practice area for newbies

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TheYak, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Just a heads up for any newbies around the area :grin:

    Went out for a ride out today, intending to ride to Cronulla and further south with no set destination in mind. Down past the airport I got a little put off by the big gusts of wind around on the open road, first time I've been out and it's been so strong...not a lot of fun, even at only 80kmh, on the Spada anyway (...yet, I'm sure I just have to get used to it).

    Anyway, still felt like riding as the weather was fantastic apart from the wind...and I went here:



    It's just down the Princes Highway in Tempe (turn left after Deno's/The Harp), and I think it's a great place for newbies (like me) to get more comfortable on a bike. It's just under 1.5km around, has a nice couple of turns and straights, you can try some tighter slower turns in the car park area, and the section just after it (going anti-clockwise) is one way, so nice to get some speed up and get more comfortable braking from 70kmh odd. There's gravel to play with too, and a few of the turns are great to really lean into. Good fun, and there were less annoyed Italian Mama's complaining about the noise from their unit windows than the local carpark :LOL: There's hardly any traffic there, so I used the opportunity to get the new rear worn down on the sides a bit more than I have on the road. Good fun.
  2. i can honestly say i've never been there/heard of that mate!! you'll have to show me!
  3. i actually live 5 minutes away from tempe (marrickville)... im surprised you've actually gotten on ya bike for a ride... freezing winds atm.

    im on my Ps but don't have a bike yet to ride. but yeah seems like a good area to practice

    that area is where they have rc races
  4. Duffa, zoom out the Google map, pretty easy to find. Think of it like an advanced car park, too small to be at all exciting, but good fun. Looks like the weather's going to be a biatch for the rest of the day, so maybe one night next week we can go for a spin? Monday afternoon could be in too if it holds up and I'm not hung over from too much Easter cheer :LOL: You could be too far advanced by the last few comments I've read though, hehe :rofl: I'll flick you a PM Monday if it's looking good, and if you're up for it? Haven't seen the "I got a new VTR" thread yet!

    TimTam, yeah, it was pretty bad out earlier...just the side wind though, down around the airport it really put me off...up to 64kmh gusts according to BOM, and I believe it. Nice and warm in the sun apart from that.
  5. :rofl: :rofl: i figured i'm gonna take another bike or two for a test first :wink:

    why settle for a yellow one when there's purty black ones :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Hehe, red ones with gold wheels don't float your boat? What about a VFR400? Nah, naked twins? Too good to pass up! ...let us know what you end up with Duffstar, and we'll take a ride :grin:
  7. *Kicks himself for not buying a vtr*
  8. oh you should kick yourself phizog :p
    Red and gold not my cuppa tea.. i want a black one..
    but if i get a colour i'm not into, just more excuse for a custom paint job :wink:

    had a look at the VFR400.. i'd wrap myself around a tree very quickly on one...

    there's a nice one on ebay though :p
  9. Whereabouts in Marrickville? I used to live in Dulwich Hill.
  10. I'm up for a Monday Avo run, i have a few training sessions but should be done by 12 at latest and i work at Kogarah so shouldnt take me to long to get there.

    I have a few market cones if you guys want i can bring them to mark out some tight turns or something.

    By the way, im also on my L's and could use some practice plus would love to meet some other noobs.

    Let us know
  11. Hi Haggis, i live near victoria rd & marrickville rd where the yeeros kebab shop is - its still there... but things have changed around here lots of new development. Why did you move?

  12. Moved down here last October because I got a kick-arse job :).

    Mmmm Victoria Yeeros.
  13. unfortuately i wont get my bike till tuesday at the earliest, so i can't do monday
  14. Weather looks good for tomorrow,

    So do we have any inners?

    Say 12:30 at the big lot?

    If peeps prefer next weekend say Sat then thats all good to.
  15. So any inners?

    Plz post before 11:30am,

    If no one is rocking up ill just go home to, we can make it sometime for next week aswell. Meet up there, do some slow speed stuff or what not and then go for a ride to get some lunch.

    Plz post inners or PM, feel free to add me to your msn if you have it.

  16. fitryder, I won't be going until later in the afternoon (Easter stuff on :grin:)..will check back before I go, but it'll probably be around 4 or 5.
  17. ok bud no worries

    4ish is good for me man.

    Dont look like anyone else will be rocking up so ill just go then to.

    Ill drop you a PM with my number is you wanna send us a text or give us a buzz if the times change.

  18. I'm up for next weekend guys!
  19. See ya down there around 4:15, PM on the way...
  20. So we ended up meeting at about 4:50 and got the meet and great done, checked out each others bikes and just had a chat.

    Couldnt think of where to ride so we just did a lap of the park and headed to Brighton and then to Nulla.

    Traffic was a little annoying but good fun anyway.

    Heres a quick pick of our small crew.


    Thanks for coming guys, plans are being made for a weekend ride, look for a new post.