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Temp on bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OzzyDevil, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Hi as most of you know I have the Sv650

    I have a temperature read out on the dash and what I want to know is what does it have to be when you first want to ride it?? I don't want to stuff the bike and not sure...
  2. Just allow a minute after a cold start for the oil to be circulating round the motor, then ride off gently and keep to medium revs and throttle opening for a couple of km to allow it to warm up. You'll soon see where the temp gauge sits when it's at normal operating temp after a few rides.
  3. I start my bike in the driveway then shut the garage and put my gear on and figure its warmed up by then. Take it easy for a while, as much to get heat in the tyres as get the engine temp up.
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  4. Thx for the comments guys I have been taking of when the temp reaches 40 and I take it slow for about 10 mins..
  5. Yeah on my old gsxr 600 the temp would not even show until it hot 42 I think, I figured when it came onto that I was safe to leave, only took a min or 2
  6. Doesn't your owner's manual cover this?
  7. It should but don't have one yet :(
  8. If you have the fuel injected version then you really don't need a warm up process like you did with carbi engines. This goes for cars and bikes. Its wise to give it a minute or 2 before taking off but really these days its not required and saves fuel. Agree with the above poster about taking it easy whilst getting up to temp this will also give the tyres and brakes time to warm up as well.
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  9. The more sport orientated the bikes motor is, the longer I wait.
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  11. In a large engine it can take up two two minutes for the oil to reach the farthest ends of the system. Lighter oil and smaller engines make that quicker of course, and you want to be off the enriched starting mixture (shut off the choke) as soon as you can for fuel economy and engine longevity. If the bike is fuel injected then just work out how long you need to leave it until you can take off smoothly (thirty seconds should be plenty) and then ride gently until it's up to normal temperature.
  12. rubber side down this time ozzy!
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  13. Yeah I know should be ok this time :)
  14. My zx6r is similar. Temp only shows up when the bike is 40+ deg. I normally wait until the bike is at 59 deg (when the idle drops) before I ride it.
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    hmmm, I got the links from a suzuki forum and didn't have to join/log in for links to work - so dunno why it's not working for you.:confused:
    Hope yours isn't too long in the tooth in coming, as they can be handy to have.

    Edit: @87crisis has uploaded a heap of manuals at link in this thread, worth checking out: https://netrider.net.au/threads/motorcycle-service-manuals-uploaded.144359/
  16. Thx Nightowl I did manage to download it and have a good read :)
  17. For me about a minute or two at most.

    Start bike, helmet on, do jacket up, gloves on, get on bike, choke off and go. Might be a bit longer if I have to wait for my partner to get on.