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Temp guage not working...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. I am pretty sure its the gauge or the sensor. I could be wrong so Im just asking for advice. This is whats been going on.

    Ever since I got the bike the previouse owner did say that the temp gauge didnt seem to work properly. I just thought it can be fixed later if its just the gauge. At the time the gauge would only stay at at C (cold end and have about 4mm arc of movement. When its near its top of the arc I would find that the seat also gets hot. On hot days I would complain my bike was trying to cook my balls....

    About 1000ks after that I took it for the first service(Since the bike been with me). I told the mechanic what was going on and he checked it. He told me after the service he told me had to change the coolant as the old stuff was all mud.... He also looked at the temp gauge he said changing the coolant might solve the problem as before there were very little cerculation in the coolant system.

    I found that after changing the coolant the heated seats went away. It never got hot again(even on a stinking hot day). I found the temp gauge to work a bit better but its still not showing right. It would only come up to the bottom end of the white arc after a hard ride and the fan would turn on. At the moment the temp gauge is moving only about 6mm though insted of 30mm or so.

    I think its the gauge. If the gauge how much would it cost(the gauge)? Im thinking not much. If it costs abit I might just put a digital gauge on insted as I am electronicly able to do that. Does anyone know as in how the temogauge takes reading though? As in resistors?

    Anyone has ideas???
  2. Well it could be one of many things. The 2 posibilites are the guage or sensor are stuffed. Maybe the wiring is gone.

    I firstly would be checking the wires are all connected properly. Especially the ground wire. That usually has to touch something metal near the sensor.

    My temp guage buggered up. It was fried. But it was ok since i wanted to get a digital guage that showed the actualy temp not just a scale. Cause thoses standard guages arnt very accurate and when it indicates in the red range, thats usually well into the engine damage range.
    So i got one of ebay, that cost me 50 bucks for the guage and sensor. Easy to fit. Works very well.

    I would be worried if its overheating now, since its winter. Even at stand still ur bike should not heat up very much, not to the point where ur balls are burning from the heat. Check that the fuid is moving and the system is bled properly. if still not solved then check out the thermostat and the water pump.
  3. a temperature sensor is a thermsistor.
    the internal resistance of the sensor changes with the application of heat.
    pull the sensor out, and get yourself a multimeter.
    put the multimeter on to the resistance setting (ohms) and bung the sensor in to a small saucepan with a little water in it.
    stabilize the sensor in the pot with spoons/forks/wtvr, just make sure the electrical contacts are out of the water and the bottom of the sensor is submerged.
    place the electrodes of the multimeter on to the contacts of the sensor (it doesnt matter which way, as we are only checking resistance.
    bring the water to the boil, and look at the change of the resistance on the multimeter. if it stops changing at any time on the way to boiling point, the sensor is stuffed.

    if the sensor is not stuffed, check to see if the thermostat has been removed :shock:
    this is a dodgy tactic used to convince an unknowing buyer that a motor does not have radiator blockages/overheating probs.
    with no thermostat, the bike has constant free flow of coolant, making it seem that it never warms up.

    however, you mentioned that it was getting significantly hotter prior to radiator clean, so i assume that your problem lies within the sensor.
    the dial is only an instrument that converts information from the sensor in to an analogue display, there is fugg all that can fail in them :)