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Temp guage not working (suzuki across)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Manya, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Hey all, Just bought a 1996 suzuki across (first bike :) ) and the temp guage doesn't seem to work. Is there a fuse specificly for the temp sensor? also, if the temp sensor is the issue, will it effect the thermo fans functioning?


    PS: the oil filter position on this thing sucks! ;)
  2. Congrats on the Purchase! and welcome

    Ahhh theres no specific fuse for just the temp gauge so u wuld see probs all ova the show if it was a fuse, the whole instument cluster wuld prob not light up if it was fuse. but yeh thats not the prob.

    As for the fan not coming on? ummm good question! i dunno....sorry.

    There is a test u can do on the temp gauge if wanna hear it lemme know.

    it is pretty cold atm and i havnt had the fan on my across start working this whole yr. Mine during this time of year bearly moves off cold especially when just cruising along in the cold air....

    Id just chech all conections and wires first, but at this time of yr ur bikes prob not gonna ovaheat without the fan unless its got sum serious issues.

    Happy riding
  3. I fixed it by the way. I just removed the senor and cleaned it up. reconected it. took about 15mins of idleing to see it move.
  4. quick question.... where is the oil filter positioned?...

    I cant seem to find it when i took the fairing off today... but taht could be due to not being able to take the right side fairing off because of an old rounded bolt that wont open....

    is the filter positioned on the right??... near the oil cap ??

    thx ... if neone has the answer they can pm me....

  5. The oil filter is positioned at the front, behind the exhaust headers.

    Get hold of a owners/workshop manual!
  6. thx .... well I got a soft copy of the manual from the net but it is missing few pages ... which has to be the oil filter pages !!!...

    BTW what wrench do you guys use for the suzuki across to change the spark plugs... i can't seem to find any that will fit through the cylinders n reach the sparkies??

    I've been back to super cheap auto twice... and ended up in same results both tool wont damn fit... i need to find a motorcyle 16 mm wrench i think and supercheap only had the universals that dont fit and motorcyce 18mm which doesnt fit either...

    will be great if u guys can tell me what brand the wrench is and where u bought it?...

    cheerss ........
  7. Yeah, the oil filter looks fun to change :cry:
  8. sounds like a new probe is needed