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Temora today, tomorra the world

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Oldmaid, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. So on Friday off I set off to meet up with a couple of guys at the junction of the M5 and M7 for a jaunt (ha) down the slab to Yass.
    I pulled off to wait and it was interesting to see that only some riders gave me a thumbs up to check if I was okay. Most didn't.
    I did keep a very close eye on the maniacs trying to pull in from the lane closest to me incase someone lost it. My lungs weren't enjoying the fumes much but luckily they came along soon enough.
    IMG_0598 - Copy.JPG

    So as I said on another thread I have never ever been as cold as i was once the sun went down and we were near Goulbourn. I did a snow survival course a long time ago last century and i wasn't as cold as I felt on the bike. My hands were numb, my teeth chattering, my eyes running and I thought to myself if the coppers pull me over I am going to be honest and say that my throttle hand was frozen into position.
    Got to Yass and hoooolllllyyy sheeeeeet it was friggin cold. The lady at reception happily told me it was -9oC the night before.
    We waddled off for dinner and walking back at 2100 there were puddles of water that were frozen and we crunched through them in amazement.

    Next morning an early start to get to Temora for the air show. Well I peeked a toe out the door and jesus wept, Wasabi was white. There was about a good half inch of frost on the seat, ice on the tyre...
    IMG_0615 - Copy.JPG
    IMG_0608 - Copy.JPG IMG_0610 - Copy.JPG IMG_0612.JPG IMG_0614 - Copy.JPG

    My bowels went to liquid. I was literally shit scared of black ice. the guy leading the group was like " wheels rolling at 0800" and I was like in your friggin dreams baby... but I cleaned the ice of my baby and off I went. Arse and knees clenched so tight you wouldn't have got a hair past either of them.
    It was so cold. Still -2oC but as the sun came up the mecury did a little to zero. No ice on our side of the road but in the lee of the trees you could see some patches. It took me about an hour to relax the sphincter...seriously.
    Petrol stop...
    IMG_0618 - Copy.JPG
    Then I could take in the scenery. Wow it was beautiful stunning, absolutely stunning.

    Stopped for brekkie and a defrost then more beautiful scenery.

    IMG_0619 - Copy.JPG

    Next instalment
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  2. So seriously OldmaidOldmaid it didn't look that cold !
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  3. so a refuel to warm the hands then through some glorious country side. My yoshii scared the crap out of sheep which made me laugh and then fog up my bloody visor. they don't make my helmet anymore so no pinlocks for it...
    IMG_0620 - Copy.JPG
    IMG_0621 - Copy.JPG
    So on to temora. Glorious winter's day. Suck that up the rest of the world I say...it was perfect.
    I highly recommend the day and the museum to enthusiasts and families alike!
    I thought this was a salient reminder of what people experienced during the wars...

    I was so excited with the planes i was nearly peeing my pants. There was even a list of guest who included a 102 year old vetran who had flow in Lancasters during the second World War. there were also DSC from Korean and Vietnam wars in attendance.
    The pilots were phenomenal. it was so exciting.
    IMG_0634.JPG IMG_0640.JPG IMG_0684.JPG

    So another cold start only -2oC and only a bit of ice on the bikes this time. So pretty with mist lingering above the grounds.

    Went to Cowra to the Japanese gardens then up to the former prison camps.

    Then through Blayney onto a tiny little town called Neville. Had tea at a quaint piano museum.
    Was a bit of mayhem and Wasabi nearly gained 1.5 extra horse power when a naughtly little shetland pony went galloping down the footpath with a young girl chasing it and her horse trotting along behind it ! I went out to hold the horse while the girl tried in vain to wrangle the naughtly little shetland.
    The piano museum is well worth the detour and the ride was really good as well. (Next post)

    So clocked up 1007 kms door to door. I had no come to jesus moments at all. Handled the corners lines pretty well in 60% of cases and the rest were just a bit early but not dangerous at all.
    We kept to a steady clip mostly at about $1.10 to $1.30 and I did okay.
    I really really just loved the whole ride even with the cold. The countryside just calls to me. I just want to keep riding and riding.
    beautiful, so peaceful and the air bitingly fresh. I espeesh love that there are still pockets of what I call good ole Aussie folk with that dry humour and so so friendly.
    There were a group of people staying where we were that had flown their cessnas down from their farms in Walcha for the airshow. Got chatting and I found we both knew a couple of families and the man had been roo shooting with my friend's father 30 years ago.
    The staff in pubs and clubs were just lovely and chatty.
    The gloves I bought a while back were good dianese gauntlets but they didn't stop the cold at all. There were some bladder busting roads and the others were all on BMW GS of varying engine- 800, 1000 and ?1200 cc but Wasabi was a trooper as always and fanged along.
    The lessons learnt apart from the cold, was reversing into parking spaces. I tend to always go nose first especially when there is a camber (theside stand issue) and someone said why put yourself through the effort of pushing back out.
    The other very important lesson is don't pussyfoot around about buying petrol. I nearly ran out just outside Goulbourn and really thought what the fcuk am I going to do now. Thank god for google for a change which showed petrol station not too far back. I waved the guys on and went back to Goulbourn and luckily only had a 5 minute ride back.
    The other guys had big big tanks (one has 33 litres!!) and I misunderstood about fuelling up and kept waiting for them to stop...and waiting then got the winking light...

    But gee i had so much fun I really do love riding and now that I am getting smoother in the corners- it really is like being on liquid velvet and very soothing for the soul. :) To feel the sun on you and the road opening out in front of you.
    I just can't wait for the Oxleys when I move up to Port Mac in August.
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  4. #4 Oldmaid, Jul 6, 2015
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    Last lot of pics from my latest belt notch! :)

    The mob on the way back into town from the airshow

    On the road again so many layers on could hardly move!

    At Cowra at the prison camp
    IMG_0721.JPG IMG_0723.JPG

    What a breathtaking glorious view. I am very jealous Dark AngelDark Angel

    At the Piano museum at Neville.
    I couldn't post up more as too many pics and I didn't want to be too much a pain in the arse about the trip.
    Did I mention it was fantastic trip yet? Beautiful countryside? fun?
    My little pony. bad naughty pony!
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  5. #5 Oldmaid, Jul 6, 2015
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    Well yet another wonderful life experience. Thanks Wasabi!
    Hands still suffering from being frozen for hours on end but who cares?

    EDIT I doubt anyone noticed but my P plate holder went to god somehow. Suddenly was in pieces and i spotted it at Marulan when we stopped for a "coffee" and it was a wonder that I didn't get a puncture from it. So I ended up riding with no Ps whole weekend. bad oldmaid...
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  6. Heated grips,Oxfords. Nek sock. Looks like fun, must do the airshow
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  7. good on you babe
    so who were the lucky chaps who went with you?
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  8. Wonderful story and great photos OldmaidOldmaid! I am truly envious of such a fantastic trip!Now temperatures, what does that cold do to you?
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  9. Miss Jane, what a fabulous road report!!!

    Yes, get yourself some Oxfords....
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  10. yep them blokes are good
  11. OR get a yoshi for the bike and wrap your hands around it when you stop...... ;-)
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  12. Great write up OldmaidOldmaid, love to get up to Temora - one day, living my life through others trip reports at the moment, well done.
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  13. My official bed warmers ;) you know the song " and the little one said roll over..."
    Just some new mates. We got asked if we were over 65 for the air show admission...lol.
    I love just being one of the guys (unless there is an unscheduled wee stop out in the open...ok for you guys but a crab crawl along an open road in the short grass, with your jeans around your ankles, and the wind in your hair, is not a pretty sight for any one :yuck: !)
    Clocked over 13000 km now pretty pleased. Had been riding 11months yesterday :D
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  14. Wait until October then you can get out a bit more! :)
    At one stage I saw a sign that said Melbourne 571 km and I thought wow! I could do that trip now. Really? I could and not too far to the border either...
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  15. C'mon down OldmaidOldmaid! You were just a tad over a tankful away! Unless of course, you were riding a Shiver! ;-)
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  16. I was amazed how far we had travelled esp. when I saw that sign!
    Apart from the trip down Friday night we avoided main roads and went through some quaint little towns. Some rough old roads but overall they were in pretty good nick.
    I realised of course I could ride to Vic... Maybe not in July though a bit tooooo brass monkey for this oldmaid.
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  17. soon though
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  18. You could ride down in brass monkey weather OldmaidOldmaid, what have you got to loose? :wideyed: not a big fan of riding in arctic conditions either, takes too long to recover
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  19. Great write up oldmaid, love reading these adventures/motorcycle travel, kudos for doing it in winter!! Awesome, good to see the little ninja handled the cold well too ;)
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